Cape Cod Move to Amend

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November 2011

The local Move to Amend affiliate for Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


'We Will Only Get Louder': Dozens of Communities Vote to Boot Big Money from Politics

November 6, 2014

Huge margins back up claim that 'nearly all Americans share the sentiment that corporations should not have the same rights as people'

Citizens in dozens of communities voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday for their legislators to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision, which opened the door for the super-rich and corporations to trample democracy.

As they headed to the polls to vote in what turned out to be the most expensive midterm election in history — one in which outside money from undisclosed sources played an outsized role and the number of small individual donors shrank — voters across the country made clear their desire to end corporate personhood and get big money out of politics.

Move to Amend Reports Features Michael Louis Ippolito This Week

September 23, 2014

Move to Amend brings you voices from the movement to amend the Constitution through our internet radio program. Every Thursday at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. This is a call-in program. Call (646) 652-2345 and press 1 to participate.

This week features Massachusetts Move to Amend affiliate coordinator Michael Louis Ippolito to talk with us about the People's Climate March and the global ecological threat posed by man-made climate change.

Press Coverage

Congress Responds to Move to Amend Grassroots Organizing with “We the People” Amendment

February 20, 2013

The growing grassroots democracy movement took another huge step forward this week when Congressional Representatives Rick Nolan (DFL-Minnesota) and Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) joined Move To Amend coalition organizers Ben Manski and George “Leesa” Friday at the National Press Club to announce that the “We the People Amendment” was being introduced in Congress (H.J.Res. 29).
This amendment clearly and unequivocally states that:
Section 1. Only People Have Constitutional Rights

Watch Out Plutocrats, the Progressive Pro-Democracy Movement Is Savvy and Gearing Up to Take on Citizens United

November 25, 2012

There's a sophisticated pushback against corporate power in the works.
November 23, 2012  | 

It didn’t look like the movie Lincoln, which opened the same weekend. Instead of crusty men in musty rooms, half the speakers were women and the setting was a bright modern law school auditorium. But the challenge at hand was equally great. In Lincoln’s day, it was the 13th Amendment to end slavery. Today, it's repairing American democracy for the 21st century.


November 14, 2012

A Massachusetts coalition of Common Cause, Move to Amend, Progressive Democrats of America and others are celebrating an overwhelming victory for Measure 4.  On the ballot in 30 state representative and 6 state senate districts, including Senator Dan Wolf's, this non- binding resolution calls on our legislators "to propose an amendment to the US Constitution stating that 1) corporations are not entitled to the constitutional rights of human beings and 2) both Congress and the states may place limits on political contributions and spending."  It passed on Cape Cod by an average of 78% and 7