100 Years and no longer counting: crazy court strikes again

June 29, 2012
Bruce Midgett

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock actually had built a credible case in Montana’s defense of its Corrupt Practices Act of 1912 before the Supreme Court. He really didn’t have to look very hard for his argument. There was ample evidence that corruption was largely caused by the influence of money in the election process. Elections were simply bought. Senators were paid cash to get a Montana industrialist elected to the U.S. Senate. The wealthy who had already bought much of Montana in the early 20th century were tripping over each other to see who could dangle the most money in front of the appropriate parties to secure the state’s legislature and judiciary for their own purposes. It’s all documented in Montana’s archives and in countless books written on this state’s history. And in Bullock’s brief to the Supreme Court....

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