1500 Signatures Collected on March 15!

March 21, 2016

Congratulations to everyone who collected signatures on primary election day last week! We collected 1500 signatures in just one day!

Again, our goal is 5000 valid signatures by early July — which means we probably need about 9000 to be safe since many signatures will be invalid for any number of reasons. We are nearly half-way to our goal…so every collected signature counts!
We have several planned mass petition events coming up in April, May and June (details coming). In the meantime, please consider carrying your petition with you. Collecting 2-3 signatures here and there over several weeks can be just as effective as spending 1-2 hours collecting many signatures at one time. And if you’re hosting family and/or friends this Sunday, consider putting your petition out next to your bowl of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and peeps!
  1. Move to Amend national Outreach Director David Cobb will be speaking in Cleveland on Monday, April 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Cleveland State University Student Center, Conference Room 319, 2121 Euclid Ave (attached flyer). Cobb is a fiery, inspiring and informative speaker who is not to be missed! Please attend…and let others know (by personal invitation, email and/or social media).
  2. The next Cleveland Move to Amend Action Planning Meeting is Monday, April 11th at 5:30pm at MLK Jr Library, 1962 Stokes Boulevard (between Euclid and Chester Ave near University Circle). We’ll be discussing upcoming petitioning plans for April-June, including a statewide MTA day in Cleveland on May 21st! Join us. We need as many heads, hands and hearts as possible! 

In solidarity,

-Cleveland Move to Amend