2014 Anniversary of Citizen's United

January 20, 2014

Press Release
by Daniel Fary
Move To Amend - Rock River Affiliate WI

Tuesday, Jan. 21, is the unsavory anniversary of the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court case "Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, which has been a severe blow to our Democracy.  The Citizens United decision has opened the floodgates for huge amounts of money to be given by corporations and the extremely wealthy, as a form of "free speech," to political campaigns.  Adding to this threat to our Democracy, the Wisconsin legislature has been discussing Bill AB225, seeking to double the contributions that can be made to Wisconsin state legislators. 

The unfortunate effect of these huge amounts of money poured into our political campaigns by corporations and the extremely wealthy, is that our federal, and many state politicians, have become trapped.  They can't get elected unless they are backed by these huge donations.  Once elected, they are expected to pass legislation that benefits their largest donors, to the detriment of every other citizen.  If the politicians don't back the interests of their wealthy donors, those donors seek to remove them from office. 

In addition, these politicians must spend half to two-thirds or more of their time trying to raise funds for the next election, rather than studying and solving the problems that citizens face today.  If we could effectively control money going into political campaigns, by laws once again limiting money in campaigns, or preferably by publicly funding campaigns, our politicians could be released from this trap of being beholden to wealthy interests, and be freed to once again represent We the People.

The Money Out-Voters In Coalition, comprised of over 30 groups, including several Move To Amend groups throughout Wisconsin and the U.S., seeks a Constitutional Amendment stating "Corporations are not people (don't have the inalienable or "God-given" rights of human beings) and money is not speech (and therefore unlimited amounts of money cannot be given as "free speech."). 

Daniel Fary, leader of the Move To Amend Rock River Affiliate, said "The voices of our citizens are beginning to be heard by those in power.  Over 16 states have so far put the U.S. Congress on notice, by sending state resolutions stating that they expect to see this Constitutional Amendment.  In Wisconsin, 27 communities have sent resolutions to our Wisconsin state and U.S. representatives, demanding the Amendment.  Over a dozen referenda are scheduled in communities across Wisconsin for April 1, 2014, asking voters whether they support this Amendment.  New Move To Amend affiliates are continually forming across the state.  Today we are again reminding the Wisconsin legislators that when the Amendment comes to a referendum, 70 to 80% or more voters support it.  Our legislators MUST listen to our voters and begin the process of calling for this U.S. Constitutional Amendment."

Fary further said "This issue affects every individual in our state, across the country, and even in other countries, as American policies affect other countries.  This issue profoundly affects the future world our children and grand-children will live in, even more than the world we adults face now."

Please help us obtain this Amendment, by calling or writing your Wisconsin state Senator and Representative, asking them to support the AJR50 resolution, asking them to place a referendum on the Wisconsin state ballot, so that voters can demonstrate whether they support this U.S. Constitutional Amendment.  



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