2016 National Leadership Summit Archive

The Move to Amend Coalition holds national and regional conferences for members of the grassroots affiliate network and our allies. A national Leadership Summit takes place in Washington, D.C. every two years. The inaugural Leadership Summit will launch in 2016. The regular biennial Leadership Summits will then start in 2017. Three regional summits will convene every other year in various key states, starting in 2018.

Write-ups, handouts and other resources from the 2016 Leadership Summit workshops and panels are now available HERE!


Move to Amend's 2016 Inaugural Leadership Summit

Launching our strategy to demand democracy for people and communities.

May 6-9, 2016
National 4-H Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD

This event is open to prospective and current Move to Amend volunteers and invited guests.

Contact Shelly Williams at affiliate-support [at] movetoamend.org if you have any questions about this year's Summit.

Summit Program

Download full 2016 Leadership Summit Program (draft updated 5/2, subject to change)

Friday, May 6 

12 - 7 pm - Registration Open

12:30 - 1:30 pm - lunch for "Become an Online Engagement Master" workshop participants (register first)

1:30 - 5 pm - Train-the-Trainer workshop: Become an Online Engagement Master (workshop fee includes lunch & dinner)

Saturday, May 7

7 am - 11 am -  Registration Open

8 am - 9 am - Breakfast

9 am - 5 pm - Conference, Day 1

6 pm - 8:30 pm - Banquet with Frances Moore Lappé, keynote

8:30 pm - 10:30 pm - Forum Theater – Theater of the Oppressed

Sunday, May 8

8 am - 9 am - Breakfast

9 am – 5:45 pm - Conference, Day 2

6:30 pm - 8 pm - Dinner

8 pm - 9:30 pm - Talent in the Family – Volunteer Showcase

Monday, May 9

7 am - 8 am - Lobby Day Breakfast Briefing

8:15 am - Bus to Capitol Hill (Rayburn House Office Building)

9 am - 1 pm - Congressional Lobby Day – meetings with representatives

1 - 3 pm - Lunch & Debrief (United Methodist Building, 100 Maryland Ave, NE)

3 pm - Bus back to 4H Center


National Lobby Day

Monday, May 9th is Move to Amend's first National Lobby Day. Some will talk with elected officials in their districts, and some will be part of the delegation going to Capitol Hill. Visit the Lobby Day home page to learn how to schedule your meeting and have productive conversations with elected officials.

→ FOR THOSE TRAVELING TO D.C. Fill out this form here. Be sure that they have included not just a room number, but the building as well -- often the meeting will take place in a different building than that of the legislators' office.



Supporting the Summit

There are still a few open sponsorships. Learn more here or leila [at] movetoamend.org (subject: Leadership%20Summit%20sponsorship, body: I%20want%20to%20learn%20more%20about%20sponsoring%20the%20Move%20to%20Amend%20Inaugural%20Leadership%20Summit.%20Please%20contact%20me%20at%3A%20) (contact us) to find out how to sponsor a part of the Leadership Summit.

THANK YOU to our Leadership Summit sponsors: 

  • Anonymous - $2,000 - Plenary: Building Movements Across Issues & Movements
  • Aurora Foundation - $5,000 - Banquet & Celebration with Frances Moore Lappe
  • DuPage Move to Amend, Illinois - $763 - Scholarships
  • Kathleen Murtey of The Pachamama Alliance - $926 - Capitol Hill Lobby Day
  • Melissa Muth - $500 - Roundtable: Funders for Democracy
  • POCLAD (Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy) - $2,500 - "Richard Grossman and Ward Morehouse Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Pachamama Alliance - $1,000 - Livestreaming

THANK YOU to these folks who registered at the "Co-Sponsor" level to help support subsidized registrations!

  • Arlene Sweeting
  • Barbara Gerten
  • Benno Friedman
  • Br. David Smith
  • Deborah Fay
  • Doug and Carole Jambard-Sweet
  • Eitan Fenson
  • Frank Hribar
  • James Price
  • Johanna Albrecht
  • Loring Cannon
  • Marian Gamble
  • Pamella Gronemeyer
  • Richard Hobbs
  • Ron Miller
  • Susan Pelican

THANK YOU to our wonderful Leadership Summit crowdfunders!

Just a few more days left to be a crowdfunder!! Make a modest contribution and get a thank you gift.

  • Ahuvah Reese
  • Alyse Wynne Lamb
  • Barbara Council
  • Barbara Kashian-Snow
  • Barbara L McKasson
  • Benjamin H Sibelman
  • Bethany J Gray
  • Bob E. Hussey
  • Carla Rautenberg
  • Carol D Jackson
  • Carolyn E Bninski
  • Catherine Fish
  • Catherine L Kerry
  • Christine Calder
  • Constance Bartusis
  • Daniel j klein
  • David c Ergo
  • David H Smith
  • David H VonSeggern
  • David K Cobb
  • David S Helfand
  • Debbie Sanich
  • Debra Brown
  • Don Atkinson-Adams
  • Elaine S Booth
  • Elizabeth Dyrsmid
  • Ellen W. Lankhorst
  • Elliot Goldman
  • Eric von Stromberg
  • Eric Wenocur
  • Erline Towner
  • Francis A Regan
  • Gerson Lesser
  • Glenn Bachman
  • Gregory Rosasco
  • Guillermina Segura
  • Ian Boardman
  • James D Sullivan
  • James Freake
  • James H. Cossitt
  • James Marean
  • Janice M. Rickert
  • Jessica Munger
  • John Mceiver
  • Josephine Harrison
  • Julia M Ryan
  • Kaitlin R Sopoci Belknap
  • Karen Roberts
  • Kindra Muntz
  • Kristin J Storey
  • Laura Bonham
  • Leila Roberts
  • Lorin Troderman
  • Lorraine A. Reich
  • Lucy Deakins
  • M J Engel
  • Madelon J DeYoung
  • Marc Jondall
  • Mark A. Peterson
  • Marsha Buck
  • Martha D Hunkins
  • Merril Lynn
  • Michael Adcock
  • Michael Avelar
  • Michael Fleming
  • Michelle m Williams
  • Milton L Masur MD
  • Myrolee r Stanfield
  • Naomi D. Bloom
  • Pamela Jay
  • Patrick Wooldridge
  • Porter M Hedge
  • R Schultz
  • Rebecca H Ward
  • Richard G Fish
  • Robert Ambruso
  • Ronald B Zucker
  • Ronald Gremban
  • Shelley l Johnson
  • Susan C Frazier
  • Susan McBain
  • Susanne Bader
  • Tammy Kuiper
  • Tedd W Ward, Jr.
  • Terry Alexander
  • Thomas H Perez
  • Yehudit Lieberman



Workshop and Panel Handouts and Resources

HIVE Database System Sneak Peek, and Online Engagement Workshop

On Friday (and condensed repeat on Saturday), Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap and Johannes Epke presented on the suite of online engagement tools that Move to Amend uses, and our plans for the coming years. The presentation included best practices and tips on how to use the Move to Amend website and social media, but the primary focus of the session was a sneak peek tour of the forthcoming NationBuilder replacement: HIVE. Participants gave a vast amount of feedback on what they would like out of the new CRM system, and several staff were present taking detailed notes (to be posted below shortly).


Ballot Initiatives and Resolutions Workshop

On Saturday and Sunday, Stacy Cossey and Greg Coleridge led sessions for those interested in resolution and ballot initiative campaigns. Stacy is a lead organizer for the WAmend campaign in Spokane, WA. WAmend collected over 300,000 signatures to get our issues on the November, 2016 ballot. Greg is the point person for the Ohio State Network of Move to Amend affiliates, and has been active in numerous resolution and ballot initiative campaigns across the state.


Artful Action Workshop 

Bill Moyer, Executive Director and co-founder of Backbone Campaign joined Move to Amend for an afternoon of “Artful Action” where we explored creative and bold strategies for resistance. Bill talked about the power that artful activism has to invigorate movements, and got specific about ideas for organizers. Bill shared ideas for easy - to - make banners and other DIY images. The Backbone Campaign has an activist toolkit available online as well as ideas and tips for tactics like bird-dogging, puppet making, light projection, flash mobs, and banner making. Backbone’s Phil Ateto showed us a demonstration of how we can use light projection to display messages in public spaces.  We’re excited to be collaborating with The Backbone Campaign on the upcoming Localize This! Action Camp in Vashon Island, Washington this June.


Talent in the Family 

Grassroots leaders shared their creativity during the lively talent show on Sunday night! We sang, danced, saw short videos, held a fashion show, learned about creative campaign strategies, and much more! Thanks to everyone who participated! You can find some of the creative resources that folks shared right here!


People’s Movement Assembly

The People’s Movement Assembly was a collaborative process where our grassroots leaders discussed what the Constitution currently is and is not and what it does and does not do. We began by asking ourselves, “what is our current situation”? We know that we have never had a functioning democracy in this country, and that the Constitution which acts as the supreme law of the land is not a human rights document but rather a property rights document, and that if we want a, just, sustainable, and democratic society, we need entirely new systems. We discussed what we would want to see out of a new legal, political, and economic systems that valued people and planet over corporate profits, and how what movement opportunities we are facing to work towards a better world. You can view the Leadership Summit PMA agenda and discussion questions here.

Although there were many ideas about the world we want to build and how we get there, some common themes emerged: cooperative economies, an end to the police state, a restorative justice system and an end to for profit prisons, rights of nature, a Constitution that protects human rights (such as the rights to clean air and water, healthcare, affordable housing, education), the right to structure our families how we want to, and of course, an end to corporate control of political systems.

We decided that Move to Amend organizers should be working in solidarity with other fronts of struggle whose goals and demands support these visions. We recognized the importance of a broad movement if we are going to make real the democratic society we strive for.