2018 Minnesota Pledge to Amend Campaign launched

June 22, 2018

The Minnesota Move to Amend State Network announces the 2018 Pledge to Amend Campaign. The Campaign seeks to enlist the support of all candidates in the 2018 state elections for the principles embodied in the “We the People Amendment”.

The Pledge to Amend reads: “I support amending the U.S. Constitution to make clear that corporations and other artificial entities do not have Constitutional rights and that money is not speech and campaign spending should be limited through regulation. I will use my office to support the Movement to Amend the Constitution by passing resolutions, proposing legislation, and publicly speaking out about the need for this Amendment.”
The “We the People Amendment” seeks to reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United and other related cases, and to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights. Such an amendment is inspired by the wisdom of Supreme Court Associate Justice Louis D. Brandeis when he observed: "We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."

Each candidate who filed for a state representative office will be contacted and asked to pledge their support for this amendment and state how they will use public office to end corporate constitutional rights and big money in politics.

It is important for the Minnesota legislature to request that such an amendment be prepared by the US House of Representatives and Senate. With the pledge support of legislators during the next biennium, Minnesota could become the 20th state to make this request of Congress. When two-thirds of the states make such a request, Congress is expected to draft an amendment and send it to the states for ratification.

The Minnesota Move to Amend State Network is part of the national Move to Amend organization which has similar efforts in 30 states supported by petition signers from all 50 states.

Reference Links:
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HJR48 - 115th Congress (“We the People Amendment”): https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-joint-resolution/48
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