60 co-sponsors in the House!

July 17, 2018

In a week of even more Trump awfulness, we see a tiny ray of light…

Move to Amend’s National Lobby Days have proven to be vital to our ongoing success, and this year's Lobby Day was no exception. 

Thanks to the amazing affiliate volunteers who met with their representatives in June in Washington DC we have secured 4 new co-sponsors for the We the People Amendment (so far)!

And this is even bigger news because it means we met our goal for 2018! Our second goal that is! I was so excited this is what I posted to my Facebook yesterday:

Now, it’s your turn ~ let's blow past this goal too!

Please call your member of the House of Representatives right NOW and urge them to co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 48. 
Click here for an easy scriptPut in your address to find your House Representative and their Washington DC office number. If you're not sure whether your Rep is already a co-sponsor, you can see the up to date list here.

The hard work of building support and momentum for the We the People Amendment that Move to Amend affiliate volunteers do throughout the year in their communities is key to our success!

It turns out they are very good at it. We blew past our 2018 goal of 45 and are at 60 co-sponsors. It is only July, people! 

Nervous about making the call? Confused about what to say? Don't even worry about it! Use this incredibly handy and easy script

Move to Amend remains commited to educating the public, growing the democracy movement, passing -- and then ratifying -- the We the People Amendment in order to build authentic democracy for human beings not for legal fictions like corporations.
To accomplish that goal, our work remains rooted in communities and the states, but we definitely need our Congressmembers to be put on notice that they serve We the People, not corporations.

Tell your Representative that she/he should support the We the People Amendment. Done right, your member of Congress could become a great advertisement for the We the People Amendment in your community -- especially in an election year. 

Our efforts are working! You are a huge part of this and we need you now more than ever! Contact your representative by using this script. Making this call will take you about 5 minutes, tops!

In solidarity,

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director, Move to Amend Coalition

P.S. Won't you please help us keep up the momentum and get more co-sponsors on the We the People Amendment? Call your Congressmember in the House of Representatives and tell them to co-sponsor HJR 48 using this easy script