8906! And Save the Date July 23rd

July 10, 2016
Thanks to over 80 volunteers that have pledged their time to get signatures for Cleveland Move to Amend. Because of you we have gotten nearly 9,000 signatures. That is amazing, thank you for your time!
Last Wednesday, the petitions were dropped off to Cleveland's Clerk of Council and will be transferred to the Board of Elections. The BOE will review how many signatures are valid. 
Cleveland Move to Amend will need 5,000 valid signatures to get on the Cleveland ballot. If there are not 5,000 valid signatures we will be given a 2nd round of only 10 days to make up the difference. 
If this 2nd round is required it is critical that we get as many signatures as possible to guarantee our hard work does not go to waste and that we get on the ballot. 
We are asking you to mark you calendar now for Saturday, July 23rd to help us with this possible 2nd round. To help out we will have east and west side locations to pickup new petitions. Please watch your email for details.
We are hoping that enough signatures will be valid that we may not need the 2nd round. But if we do please consider helping us on Saturday, July 23rd.
In solidarity,
Cleveland Move to Amend
PS: You can read our press release here: