99% Spring : Bank Protest

August 7, 2012
San Mateo Patch

99% Spring : Bank Protest

2200 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA  | Get Directions » 

ON THIS DAY Bank of America’s board of directors meets in its headquarters in Charlotte, NC. JOIN US as we stand with the thousands of activists at that meeting to demand that BOA invest in America by paying its fair share of taxes and by keeping people in their homes. We also demand that BOA keep its corruption inducing money out of our political system. One more thing:

We’ll believe corporations like BOA are people when our bride can marry one! Help us find the groom for her! Will it be BOA? We’re going to find out! We’re going to ask BOA to marry our blushing bride and prove it’s a people my friend!  The wedding party will assemble, the ring will be present – UB2!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://pol.moveon.org/event/99springaction/129872

                                        Media contacts: Judith Brooks 650-595-4520 mpadc1 [at] hotmail.com

                                        Veronica Palmer 650-704-8673 vmp022748 [at] yahoo.com

About the Mid-Peninsula American Dream Council:  We are a local team of  MoveOn members who organize in our communities, building a base of active participants and developing leadership among our members. We work in coordination with the national Council network on campaigns to push for the progressive policies that our country needs and for issues that are important to our seven million members. We maintain a strong independent voice to keep Congress and the President honest when lobbyists and corporations stand in the way of progress.

About San Mateo County- Move to Amend: We believe the United States Supreme Court was wrong in the decision handed down Jan 20, 2010: Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission. This decision gives corporations the right to contribute money to politicians  [and thereby to influence our government] under the rule that money is a form of speech and Corporations are entitled to exercise it.  San Mateo County-Move to Amend organizes to build public demand for a constitutional amendment  clearly establishing that a constitutional right of free speech exists for real people only and not for artificial entities such as corporations. To learn more see: www.meetup.com/smc-mta