Akron City Council Passes Resolution

December 10, 2012

Akron City Council passed a Resolution on December 10 (International Human Rights Day) addressing the Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision (granting corporations greater First Amendment free speech “rights” to corporations and unions) and the political power of corporations and other entities in elections.

The Resolution specifically supports federal officeholders to amend the U.S. Constitution “to establish that the federal government and the states have authority to regulate and limit political contributions and expenditures by corporations and other entities” (Section 1) and “to consider legislation to regulate and limit upon elections of Citizens United, including more stringent disclosure requirements.” (Section 2)

While the Resolution doesn’t go quite as far as the proposed national Move to Amend proposed 28th Constitutional Amendment, it’s a great accomplishment in having expanded awareness among city councilpersons and the public at large of the Citizens United decision and the ever growing power of corporations through their political campaign contributions/investments to drown our the political voices of those without money.

The campaign for passage of the Resolution was led by Carol Wagner and Hallie Bowie. Both spoke before City Council and urged Akron citizens, including their fellow members of the Unitarian Universalist of Akron, to contact their city councilpersons.

Thanks and congratulations to Carol and Hallie for their leadership and to all those who contacted their city councilperson!