ACTION ALERT: Tell the House Any Amendment Must Include Ending Corporate Personhood!

July 16, 2014

Yesterday HJR 119 was introduced in the House of Representatives. This is the companion bill to SJR 19 in the Senate. While these bills propose a Constitutional Amendment, they don't address corporate constitutional rights!

If you're confused, that would make sense, because some DC-based groups have been writing you saying otherwise -- but let us be clear: this amendment will NOT remove constitutional rights from corporations!

The amendment must match the demand of our movement: “A Corporation is Not a Person! Money is Not Free Speech!”

Click here to send a message to the co-sponsors of HJR 119: thanks for raising this issue, but we need you to address the core problems!

Move to Amend has vowed that we will not support halfway measures that don't amend the Constitution in two necessary ways:

1) Make clear that only human beings, not corporations, have Constitutional rights;

2) Make clear that money is not speech and campaign spending can be regulated.

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Tens of thousands of volunteers across the nation have been building a grassroots movement over the past four years from the bottom up. This movement didn’t come from Washington D.C. or political opportunists paying lip service to get your vote in an election year.

This movement came from everyday people taking this issue to their city governments, to town meeting debates, to candidate forums, to newspaper opinion pages, and to the ballot box directly. Nearly 600 cities and towns have now passed amendment resolutions.

Polling shows 80% of the American public believes that corporations should not have the same rights as people. State legislatures have been pressured to stand up as well, with 16 states passing resolutions calling for an amendment. “Ending Corporate Personhood” was a major theme in the demands that came from Occupy encampments across the country.

Now is NOT the time to settle for less than is needed to make real the promise of American democracy!

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We can’t stop there. There’s a reason the Movement to Amend has been focusing most of our resources on a grassroots movement directed at the American people rather than at Washington D.C.

We need to build power and capacity so the real amendment necessary -- the “We the People Amendment” that ends corporate personhood and money as speech -- is what passes. Halfway measures, whether fueled by co-optation or lack of vision, threaten to take the focus away from movement building.

Let’s not let that happen.

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