Amend Volunteers Meet in Soldotna

Volunteers from Anchorage meet with Soldotna Residents
August 12, 2019

On Friday, August 9th a group of Move to Amend Anchorage volunteers meet with a group of volunteers in Soldotna to discuss efforts on the Kenai Peninsula.  The group discussed ways to educate the communities across the peninsula regarding the effects of corporate constitutional rights across Alaska and across our government, as well as the growth of outside money pouring into our local elections. 

In addition the group will hope to make Alaskans aware of the efforts to strike down the Alaskan Campaign Finance Law, and reach out to local politicians regarding a resolution calling for an end to corporate constitutional rights and the protection of unlimited money expenditures as "free Speech".

Efforts will not begin till fall, considering the summer is still on and the state is still focused on the state budget crisis.  Supporters living on the Kenai Penninsula who are interested in helping may contact Kaitlin Vadla at the Cook Inlet Keepers or Beverly Churchill whose contact information is on top of this web page.