Amendment Referendum Drive Begins: Watertown, Wisconsin

September 22, 2014
Dan Fary, Rock River Affiliate of Move to Amend (WI)

Move to Amend is beginning a petition campaign in the City of Watertown on September 26 to gather  signatures to place the question of a U.S. Constitutional Amendment on the Watertown ballot April 7, 2015. 

The Move to Amend amendment basically states:
1. Only human beings, not corporations, unions, non-profits, or other such organizations are entitled to personhood rights, and
2. Money is not speech. 

As we celebrate National Constitution Week, in the spirit of preserving the intent of our founding fathers in writing the U.S. Constitution, we want voters to be aware of the problem and the need for this amendment as the solution for the corruption of money in politics.

As a kick-off event, about 30 citizens attended the presentation "A Non-Partisan Effort to Fight for Government by the People: Not the Highest Bidder," held at the Senior Citizens Center on September 16.

The speakers included Rick Brunton, a business owner in Janesville and Beloit, who is a two-time International Speech Contest winner of the public speaking group Toastmasters, and who has been elected into their Hall of Fame.  Speaker Greg David is a Jefferson County Board supervisor and a founder of Sustain Jefferson, who has spent his life working for sustainability in agriculture and in all of society.

Brunton said that the Constitution was written 225 years ago as a contract between "We the People" (who are free and sovereign) and our Government (which is subordinate and accountable to us).  It was designed by our founding fathers so that "We the People" delegated limited powers to our government in order that it could perform public duties to protect our private rights. 

Dan Fary, a leader of Move to Amend Rock River, commented that the U.S. Constitution has been turned
upside-down by our U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United and other cases so that now huge international corporations dictate the laws that govern "We the People." Brunton stated that our politicians don't control the government, but rather "about 40 families and a consortium of multinational  corporations now control our government."

The Institute for Global Ethics has researched and concluded that there are five core ethical values common to many cultures, regardless of race, age, religious affiliation, gender, or nationality:  honesty, fairness, responsibility, compassion, and respect.  Greg David pointed out that many PTC (publicly traded corporations) fail all of the checkpoints above.

"Our economic and political systems are being controlled by a superhuman entity that does not die, is engendered with human rights, and special corporate rights, feels no compassion or guilt, tends toward deceit, and is focused on profit."

Huge multinational corporations do whatever it takes to make a profit and are not held accountable.  David said they are therefore acting in a sociopathic way. 

Fary recalled what Republican Senator Dale Schultz had said when he presented at a similar event in Lake Mills on March 7 this year:

"The reality is, all of us will never be heard if we don't find a way to do this...  The reality is, this is so important that we must place it as the number one thing."

For further information, call Brad at 920-674-4640.

Rock River MTA (Jefferson, Dodge and Walworth Areas)

Move to Amend in Wisconsin

* This article was submitted and printed in the Watertown Daily Times and Jefferson County Daily Union newspapers.  

Pictured above (L to R):  Bradley Geyer, Rick Brunton, Greg David and Dan Fary. 
Quote in picture:

"I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength, and to bid defiance to the laws of their country."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1816



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