Amendment Working Groups

We the People Amendment Working Groups are ad hoc groups organized in a specific location (city or town) to support the efforts to pass the We the People Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Move to Amend’s hope for Amendment Working Groups is that they will evolve into Move to Amend Affiliates, though this is not a requirement.

Click here for the Working Group agreement if you'd like more information about how these groups work.

Check below to see if there is an We the People Amendment Working Group contact near you...


California - Mendocino County

Margaret Koster (Inland Mendocino)
mkoster [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Inland%20Mendocino%20County)

Carrie Durkee (Coastal Mendocino)
cdurkee [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Coastal%20Mendocino%20County)


Florida - Gainesville

Harry Patterson
mrnatrl [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Gainesville)
(386) 454-8746


Georgia - Atlanta

Al Herman
cinerguy [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Atlanta)
(678) 662-6346


Iowa - Des Moines

Carolyn Uhlenhake Walker
carolynruw [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Des%20Moines)
(515) 779-1680


Maryland - Statewide (Get Money Out Maryland)

Charlie Cooper
charlie.coop47 [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20and%20Get%20Money%20Out%20Maryland)
(410) 578-8291


New York - Brookhaven

Marisa Pizza
fly1632 [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Brookhaven)
(516) 458-9319


Ohio - Athens (Democracy over Corporations)

John Howell
democracyovercorporations [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20and%20Democracy%20over%20Corporations)
(740) 592-5789


Ohio - Newark

Sally Gartner
neco99s [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Newark)
(740) 334-2728


Oregon - Ashland

Dave Hyde
hyde-d [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Ashland)
(541) 892-1999


Oregon - Corvallis

Rachel Ozretich
racheloz [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Corvallis)


Pennsylvania - Doylestown (We the People Amendment Working Group of Central Bucks)

Pauline Miklos
wethepeople4amendmentocb [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Doylestown)
(215) 313-3308


Washington - Kitsap County

Toni Stefnik
stefnik44 [at] (subject: Inquiry%20about%20Move%20to%20Amend%20in%20Kitsap%20County)