Democracy: What's It Worth?

May 30, 2018

We learn a lot about ourselves in times of crisis; the past weeks have proved that the community of people who make up Move to Amend are really quite marvelous! 

On May 1, we sent out this SOS: We need to raise $150 G's by the end of the month to stay in the game until our year-end funding drive. 

A Message from Milly

May 27, 2018

My name is Milly Harmon, I am one of Move to Amend's Grassroots Volunteer Coordinators.

I hope you will check out this video I recorded and join me in supporting the Movement to Amend with a donation today.

Five very generous donors have stepped up to create a $40,000 matching fund. Any donation you give through the end of the month will be matched by these donors, up to $40,000!

I get the pleasure of working with our grassroots volunteers all over the country. They are doing the work day in and day out to bring this movement to the American people. Will you please make a donation today in honor of their hard work and to help make sure our national office has the resources we need to support their organizing?

We are a grassroots campaign. Our success depends on you. Please support the Movement to Amend with a donation today.

Double Your Support, Without Double the Effort -- the final push!

May 26, 2018

We are in the final days of our Mayday push to make up our budget shortfall. 

I'm writing today to let you know that five generous donors have contributed to a matching fund of $40,000. This means that if we can raise $40,000 from our supporter base, they will match it -- doubling your gift AND taking us to our final goal!

The final push is on! Help us raise the last $40,000 by making a donation today!

Thanks to you and our generous grassroots supporters we have already raised $72,937 toward our goal of $150,000! 1184 people pitched in toward this goal AND 147 people signed up to become monthly donors, securing a committment of $31,308 for the year towards our financial sustainability.

Please make a contribution now to double the dollar amount and double its impact.