I support Move to Amend, will you join me? - Thom Hartmann

December 16, 2017

Hi, I'm Thom Hartmann. I am an author and progressive political commentator. Many of  you know me from my books, commentary, and my nationally syndicated radio show, the 
Thom Hartmann Program

I'm also a long time supporter of Move to Amend! 

I’ve found around this time of the season, it’s not unusual for folks to be looking forward to the New Year. Considering the state of our union and the neoliberal/conservative policies fueling the corporate takeover of our democracy that I report on daily, it isn’t surprising that many Americans hope the New Year will bring relief. 

I find myself almost wishing time would stand still, except that burying our collective heads in the sand is what led this nation to this point in the first place. And despite what seems like an endless stream of bad news, I remain hopeful about the future because of groups like Move to Amend.

As a long time trumpeter and financial supporter of Move to Amend, please join with me in supporting this work.