Oil's Pipeline to America's Schools

June 15, 2017

Decades of documents reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity reveal a tightly woven network of organizations that works in concert with the oil and gas industry to paint a rosy picture of fossil fuels in America’s classrooms. Led by advertising and public-relations strategists, the groups have long plied the tools of their trade on impressionable children and teachers desperate for resources.

Universalizing Resistance, Democratizing Power

June 10, 2017

With the Trump Administration steering the ship of state into turbulent domestic waters and churning up the foreign policy sea, people from many communities have moved into the streets to defend the oppressed, resist inhumane policies, and demand a sustainable future. We the People are right to protest -- it's our country, and we can do a lot better. Protesting is good and building democracy is better.

With seven different conferences under one roof, there's something for everybody interested in democratizing our institutions and building real participatory democracy. Move to Amend is a convening organization as well as the anchor organization for the Democratizing the Constitution Conference, and we need your participation both during and before the convention.

Join the movement to legalize democracy and help build democracy in the US. Register here for Democracy Convention 2017 in Minneapolis, August 2 - 6.

The United States of America: Liberal Democracy or Liberal Oligarchy?

June 7, 2017

The degree to which such private and totally unaccountable concentration of wealth has the potential to translate into political power is aptly synopsized by a closer look at Fortune 500 companies.

The ideal of political equality that average American citizens, as well as many scholars, hold dear, stands in stark contrast to the immense representational biases demonstrated by Gilens and Page. While acknowledging that a perfect political equality has a particularly idealistic character, the enormous dichotomy in the system’s responsiveness to citizens at different income levels reinforces doubt associated with the presumed liberal democratic character of American society and leads this paper to conclude that the U.S. is, contrary to popular belief, a liberal oligarchy as opposed to liberal democracy.

Looking Past Citizens United and the First Amendment: Corporate Perversion of Individual Constitutional Rights

June 5, 2017

hrough court cases and legal battles over the last 150 years corporations have slowly gained many of the same rights solely designated for human beings. High profile cases such as Citizens United vs. FEC or more recently Hobby Lobby vs. Burwell have highlighted the corporate perversion of the First Amendment, but corporations have also claimed rights and protection under the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments.

CEOs Praised For Backing the Paris Accord Also Funded Lobbyists Pushing Trump To Withdraw

June 4, 2017

The chief executives of Dow Chemical and Corning Inc., among other business leaders, were portrayed in the media as environmental champions for opposing President Donald Trump’s move on Thursday to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Yet both companies back one of the few business groups to openly lobby the Trump administration in support of withdrawing from the plan, the Industrial Energy Consumers of America.