Death By a Thousand Tax Cuts

April 16, 2018

Every year at this time, US taxpayers (who bother to read news) are treated to a parade of stories about taxes and tax policy. We learn about the citizens who work multiple jobs and pay their taxes, while falling farther and farther behind in an economy that clearly exists to redistribute wealth upwards.

Leadership Summit Fundraising

April 7, 2018

We need your help making this event a success. We’re asking everyone to pitch in to help underwrite and sponsor the Summit. Our volunteer leaders are everyday people, just like you. They’ve been putting their personal time and finances toward Move to Amend to make the We the People Amendment a reality. Please help us support their work by chipping in to make the event affordable and so that we can get as many of our movement leaders as possible to Washington D.C.

Everyday People, Getting it Done

March 24, 2018

Every two years Move to Amend hosts a National Summit that brings grassroots organizers from all over the country to converge on Washington, DC for practical trainings and skill building, networking, and strategic planning to grow our movement to pass the WE THE PEOPLE AMENDMENT to end corporate personhood and get big money out of politics!