Legalize Democracy Film Premieres on Free Speech TV Jan 21

January 17, 2014

Move to Amend is thrilled to announce that the premiere of our mini documentary, Legalize Democracy, will be airing on Free Speech TV (FSTV) next week to coincide with the "anniversary" of Citizens United.

Legalize Democracy is a 28 minute film by Dennis Trainor, Jr. about the movement to amend -- why it is needed, and how you can get involved.

Please tune in!

Stop the Next Stage of Corporate Domination

January 13, 2014

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a clear example of the domination of corporations over our economy and our democracy.

Along with many of the egregious components of the agreement is President Obama's misdirected attempt to fast track the agreement (pdf) through Congress with no debate or amendments.

On Thursday, January 9, Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) introduced the Trade Priorities Act of 2014 (pdf) in order to pass the TPP as soon as negotiations are completed. The bill also gives Obama sole authority to negotiate the agreement -- leaving Congress and the American public out of the loop.

A Message from Author Thom Hartmann: Do You Move to Amend?

December 15, 2013

If you listen to my radio or television program, you already know I’m a big supporter of Move to Amend.

No other organization provides the deep analysis, tools and resources for grassroots organizers, and a strategy for winning a real democracy of, by, and for the people, that Move to Amend does. Others are trying to simply overturn Citizens United, but only Move to Amend is working to overrule the other disastrous Supreme Court rulings that established “corporate personhood” and spending money in elections as political speech.

Please donate to Move to Amend today.

2013 Highlights

December 7, 2013

Amending the Constitution will take nothing less than an organized, disciplined, mass movement of millions. The Move to Amend Coalition is doing the work to build that movement. Our current focus is education and mobilization -- 80% of the American public agrees that corporations shouldn't have the same rights as people, but they don't yet know about Move to Amend. Our task is to inform and engage them, and this year we focused on just that.

Four years ago this month, the Move to Amend Coalition was forming, and plans for the Campaign to Legalize Democracy were underway. We suspected that the Supreme Court would hand down a corporate-friendly decision in Citizens United and hoped we could use the decision to educate and organize around the issues of corporate personhood and money as free speech.

Gifts to Support the Movement to Amend

November 26, 2013

We're offering 20% off all books now though December 2. Give the gift of education about democracy and corporate rule! Use the code BOOKS20 when you checkout.

Move to Amend has numerous items that make excellent gifts.

A DVD of our film, Legalize Democracy, makes a great and timely present. We have T-shirts, books, stamps, and flags, too! We also offer gift cards for the activists on your list.

Your purchases help to support the work we do — every day, all year round.

Gearing Up Now to Frame the Next National Election

November 6, 2013

We are very excited to tell you about our exciting new New Hampshire Campaign!

2016 Presidential candidates are already visiting the state, soliciting support for their campaigns due to New Hampshire having such an early primary. We have the opportunity to make ending corporate personhood and getting big money out of politics central to the next national election.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: What's at Stake is Democracy

November 1, 2013


What in the world is exciting such headlines? An apt question, since the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a global trade agreement that leaves all previous agreements in the dust -- or the dustbin of history, littered with gifts to corporations, each more sumptuous than the last.

If you haven't heard of the TPP, it's because the negotiations have been under wraps for over three years, except for some 600 corporate lobbyists and a select few sworn-to-secrecy members of Congress. Remember "fast track authority" for previous trade agreements like NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994? The TPP special will roar by unless enough people lobby to derail it.

The TPP is a sweeping trade deal that would establish a free trade zone stretching from Vietnam to Chile, Canada to Australia, encompassing 12 countries, 40% of the world’s population and 60% of global GDP.