Are you going to the upcoming Political Party National Conventions?

July 9, 2016
We are in the midst of profound political changes in this country. The wealthy elite are tightening their grip on every aspect of our society, including elections and political parties. Ordinary people are fighting back in what can only be described as a "democracy movement." In fact, we may be witnessing the birth of a political revolution in this country.

Move To Amend does not endorse individual candidates or political parties, but we do engage the political process through our Pledge to Amend campaign. We also conduct teach-ins and workshops wherever we can. Because we know what you know--a true political revolution is never dependent upon (or controlled by) any candidate, no matter how good that candidate may be. A true political revolution cannot be run according an election calendar, nor can it be won merely by voting. A true political revolution must be independent of parties and candidates, even as we make demands upon political parties and candidates. 

That's why Move To Amend will be rolling into Cleveland for the Republican Party Convention, into Philadelphia for the Democratic Party convention, and into Houston for the Green Party convention. Below are some key places where we will be at each. We are especially eager to hear from any Move To Amend supporters who are serving as a formal delegate at any of these conventions. 

If you are a formal voting delegate at any of the Conventions below (not just going), please contact Move To Amend Outreach & Engagement Director David Cobb directly at david [at]

  • In Cleveland, please join us at the People’s Justice & Peace Convention held July 15-16 at the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, 8712 Quincy Ave., Cleveland, OH. This event is free and open to the public (although donations are solicited) and registration is required.
  • In Philadelphia, please join us at The People's Convention held July 23 at the Arch Street Meeting House located at 320 Arch Street in Philadelphia, PA. This event is also free and open to the public (although donations are solicited) and registration is required.  Of special note here-- even if you are not able to physically attend, you can still vote in support of including the "We the People Amendment" in the People's Platform if you register. There are multiple other opportunities circling, and we will be sending another email as soon as those details are finalized. So if you are planning to go to Philly, know that there will be LOTS of other opportunities.
  • In Houston, please join us for one of two workshops at The University of Houston Student Center located at 4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004. On Aug 41:30-3pm we will be conducting a workshop titled "Abolish Corporate Constitutional Rights." On Aug 5 we we will be conducting a workshop titled  "The Role of Art in Revolution." Details here:

If you are going as an official delegate, please contact David Cobb ASAP directly at david [at]