Are You Ready to Move to Amend in 2014?

January 8, 2014

Get involved in the year ahead...

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap from Move to Amend National walks through how to get involved with Move to Amend in 2014. She walks through all the projects and programs up ahead and how you can get involved.

Some examples of what we have in store for the year ahead:

  • Pledge to Amend Campaign: 2014 is an important election year. Get your legislators and candidates for office on record -- ask them to Pledge to Amend and commit to vote for our amendment.
  • Community and State Resolutions: 500 cities and towns have already passed resolutions calling for an amendment to the Constitution -- get your town on the list.
  • Pledge to Resist Campaign: The Supreme Court will decide McCutcheon v Federal Elections Commission sometime this year. The case has huge implications for campaign contribution limits. We are ready to provide analysis, tools, and resources should the Court strike down the limits.
  • Houseparties for Democracy: invite your friends and neighbors to a film showing of our "Legalize Democracy" documentary and raise awareness and funds for the movement to amend.
  • National days of action to educate about the movement to amend.
  • Barnstorming Tours: host a Move to Amend speaker in your town.

And much more -- watch the video to get the full scoop!