AUGUST 15-19: We The People Lobby Week

July 20, 2016

We’re fast approaching a major milepost in our ten-year plan to pass the We the People Amendment: 25 cosponsors by the end of 2016.

We’re nailing it! We currently have 21 co-sponsors!

Join us for the We the People Lobby Week conference call on July 26 to learn how you can help us secure at least 4 more co-sponsors during the We the People Lobby Week coming up August 15 - 19.

Reaching this milepost early, buys important time toward meeting our co-sponsorship goal for 2017 and beyond. Momentum is building on our side after our National Lobby Day in May, and it would be a shame if that energy were wasted.

Please join us for The We the People Lobby Week conference call, on July 26, to learn more.

Co-sponsorship doesn’t just happen because it’s the right thing to do. Move to Amend affiliates and supporters made appeals to their members of Congress and went on to build relationships and educate the staff. Seven co-sponsors have signed on since our May Lobby Day—it works!

But it does require a bit of planning. Congress members will be in district during the August recess. MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW! Find your member and contact information here.  That’s the hardest part!

After the conference call on July 26, you will have access to everything you need to be an effective citizens lobbyist for the We the People Amendment at the meeting with your representative. Click here to RSVP.

The important act of raising the visibility of the We the People amendment will drive interest and co-sponsorship. While lead co-sponsor Rep. Nolan works inside Congress, the rest of us need to apply pressure from the outside. And, we especially need to get this issue in front of Congress members during the We the People Amendment Citizens Lobby Week.

Click here to learn more about the We the People Lobby week and to join the conference call on July 26.

When the scales tip in our favor, Congress may step up, or an Article V convention could be convened. Either way our strategy to build support state by state is still very effective. But if the ground begins to shift more quickly, Congress could act and the We the People Amendment must be the winning option.

Pledge to Amend is a critical campaign to put local, state, and federal candidates on record about their position on the We the People Amendment. We need to get at least 165 pledges before the election to meet our goals this year – check out our campaign kickoff recording and find campaign materials here at to find out how you can get involved!