August 2015 Newsletter

August 11, 2015

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New Co-Sponsors for We The People Amendment!

New-Sponsors.pngRepresentatives Earl Blumenauer (OR)Louise Slaughter (NY), and Peter DeFazio (OR) have stepped up to support House Joint Resolution 48 -- the only amendment that deals with both Supreme Court doctrines granting constitutional rights to artificial entities and defining spending money as free speech!  

Move to Amend is pleased to announce these new co-sponsors for our We The People Amendment -- introduced in the US House of Representatives by Rick Nolan (MN) in April 2015!

Their support for the movement to amend in Congress comes in no small part to the great work of Move to Amend supporters in Oregon and New York who leaned on their Representatives to urge them to get on board.  

Big thanks to Representatives Rick Nolan (MN), Mark Pocan (WI), Matthew Cartwright (PA), Jared Huffman (CA), Raul Grijalva (AZ), Keith Ellison (MN), Earl Blumenauer (OR), Peter DeFazio (OR), and Louise Slaughter (NY) for standing with Move to Amend!

➤➤ Click here to tell your representative to co-sponsor HJR-48: the We The People Amendment!

Fall Campaign to Engage Organized Labor


Move to Amend is reaching out to labor unions and Central Labor Councils this autumn to build connections and get endorsements from organized labor and we need you to join the campaign!

On September 8th, Labor Activist Mike Ferner and other members from Move to Amend’s Labor Caucus will talk about how to engage with organized labor to join the movement to amend the Constitution! 

We'll give you all the tools and resources you need to join this campaign!

➤➤ RSVP for the webinar at:

Missed our August webinar about how to get involved with Move to Amend? Check out the video recording here:

Move to Amend Grassroots Campaign News...

Yes_on_I-735.jpegIn Washington State, volunteers for the WAmend Coalition are collecting 330,000 petition signatures for a statewide ballot initiative calling for an end to corporate personhood and money as speech.

Move to Amend has partnered with WAmend to put Initiative-735 on the ballot in 2016. WAmend's goal is to collect a minimum of 330,000 signatures by this November. We need all hands on deck in Washington and neighboring states to get this resolution on the ballot.

➤➤ Click here to support WAmend!

Toledo_Petition_Handoff.pngIn Ohio, volunteers with Toledo Move to Amend succeeded in collecting signatures for a city resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to go on the ballot this November! 

Volunteers collected 11,000 signatures to send the initiative to Toledo voters. The petition states that the voters of Toledo support amending the U.S. Constitution to establish that corporations are not people and money is not speech and would establish yearly public hearings to discuss concerns over money in politics and corporate influence. 

"This petition drive and ballot initiative is part of a bigger movement to end corporate personhood and limit money in politics," said Doug Jambard-Sweet, affiliate coordinator for Move to Amend Toledo.  "With the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United 5 years ago, corporations now can give unlimited and undisclosed contributions to political campaigns. This has had the effect of flooding the political contests with PAC and super-PAC money." 

"Most people anxiously sign the petition once they understand the issue" said Dennis Slotnick, a Move to Amend volunteer who helped gather petition signatures. "That’s because it is intuitive to most people that corporations are not people and are offended at the idea that vast amounts of money is influencing political elections."

➤➤ Big thanks to all our volunteers in Ohio for all your great work in putting this issue on the Toledo ballot!

Move to Amend Reports Weekly Podcast


Move to Amend Reports is our online podcast. The show airs every Thursday at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM PT.

The program features guests who specialize in movement building, amending the Constitution, grassroots organizing, and issues relating to corporate rule and participatory democracy.

To get reminders about shows so you never forget to tune in - go here and click the "Follow" button.

Move to Amend Reports is taking a break in August for, among other things, the opportunity to re-evaluate the show and potentially restructure some things. In light of this, we’d love your feedback.

➤➤ Click here to give feedback via survey!

July Pod Cast Recordings:

  • Thursday, July 2 - Ray Raphael, historian and author talks America’s Founding and Constitutional Myths

  • Thursday, July 9 - Bryce Detroit, Greg “GMAC” McKenzie, & Piper Carter, Detroit artists and organizers talk about Entertainment Justice against corporatization of Detroit culture

  • Thursday, July 16 - Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty, Detroit poet and activist talks about Detroit Women resisting patriarchy in Hip Hop

  • Thursday, July 23 - Ahmina Maxey & Will Copeland, Detroit environmental activists talk about Environmental Justice and Water Rights in Detroit

  • Thursday, July 30 - Will Copeland, local organizer and artist-activist returns to talk about black nationbuilding in Detroit

August Replays:

  • Thursday, August 6 - Dr. Peter Gabel, Editor-at-large for Tikkun Magazine talks about the role of law in shaping popular conscience and bringing about progressive social change

  • Thursday, August 13 - Jacob Tobia, blogger and Human Rights advocate talks about youth activism and advocacy in the LGBTQ community

  • Thursday, August 20 - Rosalinda Guillen, Executive Director for Community to Community Development talks about communities fighting for food sovereignty rights in the face of corporate rule

  • Thursday, August 27 - Christine Fiahlo & Carlos Hidalgo, Co-Executive Director and member of CIVIC talk about the indefinite detention of undocumented immigrant families

➤➤ Tune in live on Thursdays or check out the archives at

Pledge to Amend Campaign


The 2016 general election is still over a year away, and already candidates for Congress and the Presidency are lining up in droves to parade themselves in front of corporate billionaires looking to buy their next vote. 

The floodgates of unlimited political spending opened by Citizens United has turned our electoral process into an open auction, and now more than ever we need a constitutional amendment to end corporate rule and legalize democracy. 

We have the opportunity to make corporate personhood and money as speech a defining campaign issue this election cycle. 

Join our Pledge to Amend campaign and help us lobby legislators and target candidate for local, state and federal office to pledge their support for the We the People Amendment to end corporate personhood and get money out of politics. Move to Amend will provide you with all the resources you'll need to find out where your elected representatives' allegiance lies: We the People or Corporate Oligarchy?

➤➤ Click here to learn more about Pledge to Amend and how you can play a major role in this election cycle.

Join the Stampede to Amend!


By legally stamping messages on dollar bills, you can help build the movement to amend.

Each bill in circulation reaches hundreds of people, so by stamping a few bills every day with messages to end corporate personhood and get big money out of politics, we can reach millions!

It’s like a portable billboard, and it’s a fun, easy way to make a difference. Stamp your money, envelopes, checks -- everything! Great presents.

➤➤ Click here to get your own self-inking stamps and join the Stampede to Amend! 

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