August 2018 Statewide Call Minutes + Oct 1 PBS Premiere of Dark Money documentary

September 13, 2018

Montanans Move to Amend

August 2018

Statewide Call Minutes! 

October 1 - PBS-TV Premiere of Dark Money documentary:
Please publicize and use free DVD rental for future showings

Thanks to everyone who attended!

The next statewide call will be Tuesday, September 25 at 6:30 pm.

We’re working on getting people from all parts of the state, so if you want to join us or know people in areas that haven’t taken part yet, please invite them to join the call:  
4th Tuesdays at 6:30 pm!

Superior:  Diane Magone
Helena:  Kathryn QannaYahu-  Helena and Frank Kromkowski
Hamilton:  Jacquie Coppage
Bozeman:  Robyn Lauster
Missoula:  Mary Borchard, Joe Loos, Linda Gillison, and Sue Kirchmyer
Great Falls:  Sharon Patton Griffin had a time conflict but spoke with Sue beforehand

How to take part: next call is Tuesday September 25 at 6:30pm: 4th Tuesday of every month!!!
Call 712-451-1178
Then:  486899#


Statewide:  support for new groups and their activities

Monday, October 1:  PBS-TV will premiere the Dark Money documentary on the Point of View program (usually at 9pm- check local listing)

  Many areas of Montana did not have showings of the documentary. 
  The PBS-TV showing will be a great chance to involve more areas of our state.  Please reach out to people you know across the state and ask them to watch.
  Check with your local PBS-TV station to confirm the date and time: Point of View is usually on Monday nights at 9pm. 

**********New info from Frank*************

We can borrow free DVDs to show the Dark Money documentary to your group or  town: visit PBS-TV’s Point of View site to learn how


Update about the August theater showings of Dark Money, the documentary, were in Helena, Bozeman, Billings, and Missoula


- Kathryn gathered signatures at 2 of the showings at the Myrna Loy theater. 

She said that people were interested in the 3 ft long laminated timeline she prepared for the table that shows how 150 years of court cases gradually created the legal concept of “corporate personhood” that the Supreme Court used in the 2010 Citizens United decision. The Move to Amend (MTA) website has the pdf for the timeline; she had it printed as a 3 ft long version and laminated by Staples.

- Frank interviewed Kimberly Reed (director of Dark Money the documentary), Jonathan Motl (former Commissioner of Political Practices), and Jim Nelson (retired Montana Supreme court Justice) for a Helena Civic TV program.  (See links)

He also shared the link to the newspaper website question about support for reversing the Citizens United decision.

• Retired Montana Supreme Court Justice Jim Nelson, as broadcast on ORH's TV program on Helena Civic TV:

• Filmmaker Kimberly Reed (Director of "Dark Money") and Jonathan Motl, Former Montana Commissioner of Political Practices:   

Jim Nelson and Jonathan Motl are featured in Kimberly Reed's documentary film Dark Money  

• Helena Independent Record reader's poll ( aka"Question of the Week"): "Should the U.S. Supreme Court repeal its Citizens United decision, which allows corporations and unions to independently spend unlimited amounts on political activities?" (Question was posted Aug 23, 2018).


Joe, Linda, and Barb collected signatures at showings in Missoula’s Roxy. 

Montana fairs:  gathering petition signatures
Superior and Missoula:

Diane gathered signatures at the Superior Fair and Linda and Mary gathered at the Western MT Fair in Missoula.


The group discussed that people from both parties were important parts of the Dark Money documentary.  It may be that the legislature will be responsive to dealing with money in politics.  Participants discussed bringing up the We the People amendment to state legislators and candidates they know. 


Outreach to Montana towns:

Great Falls: 

Sharon told Sue that Great Falls Rising may have an event in November so Montanans Move to Amend (MMTA) visit might be in January.


Robyn has been working on voter registration.  She might be interested in a visit from MMTA this fall.


Frank said that MMTA might be able to visit for a Sept. 20 meeting. 
Kathryn and Frank are also interested in a meeting to review the interest cards from the April event. 

National Issues

Move to Amend Progress:

HJR 48 “We the People Amendment” supporters in the US House

There are now 61 sponsors in the US House.  Staff and affiliates are continuing to lobby Senators to get the amendment sponsored in the Senate.

Petition signers

On the MTA website, 457,920 people have signed the petition.  The goal is 500,000.

Monthly supporters of the MTA budget

Move to Amend has 1/month nationwide affiliate conference calls on the 3rd Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.  They are now tracking how independent our budget is becoming through monthly supporters (sustainers):
Budget goal: 
$540,000 per year.  If that is reached with monthly sustainers who give an average of $17 per month, then, 2650 sustainers are needed nationwide.
704 people: which generates $12,000 per month (26.5 % of the goal)

Overall budget income to August 20:  $275,000.

National DISCLOSE Act:
Please sign the petition supporting it and contact our Montana Senators and Representative.   Please thank Sen. Tester for being a sponsor.


American Anti-corruption Act:

Here’s a link to the summary of the bill and the aspects of corruption that are addressed by Elizabeth Warren’s bill:


Move to Amend Website Resources

Access to Move to Amend database to reach petition signers in your area: 

Supporters of Montanans Move to Amend who are well established can get approval to have access to the database (called the HIVE)  
Recently, the national MTA was able to give permission to Diane in Superior and to Jacquie in Hamilton.  
There is a form to sign that says that the contact info will only be used for Move to Amend purposes.

Gathering Petition signatures and giving out leaflets:

Move to Amend website help:
•  instructions about gathering signatures 
•  talking points about corporate personhood.
• petition that you can print and copy:
• order leaflets:  go to the Move to Amend store:

After you gather petitions:  
• go to for instructions about how to send the signatures to Move to Amend.
• If you would like Sue to enter the signatures into the data base, please call and arrange to send them to her:   406-240-0610.


Contacts for Montana’s US Senators and Representative 

Voices coming from all over Montana will strengthen the movement to fight both big money and policies that benefit the few.  

Please keep contacting your candidates and your Congresspeople.
• Senator Tester:  Montana offices:
• Senator Daines:  Montana offices:
• Representative Gianforte:  Billings, Great Falls, and Helena offices:


Montanans Move to Amend
montana [at]
Sue:  406-240-0610
Montanans Move to Amend