"Back to School" Overshadowed by Corporate Rule

Student load debt is crushing.
September 4, 2012

For many parents, “back to school” means spending more money they don’t have. 

For college students and their families, the expense is enormousMore and more, the cost of a college degree has been shifted onto students. The Wall Street-created crash forced states to slash budgets in response to dwindling tax revenues, leaving legislatures with a choice: funding basic public services or subsidizing higher education.

On top of the housing bubble, banksters have also manipulated the interest rates on trillions in loans costing states, municipalities, school districts, and others — including students with loans — billions of dollars in additional interest. That money would have clearly been better spent providing services, including better funding for preschool and K-12 and subsidizing higher education.

Large corporations are stealing the future of the next generation, trading long-term stability and prosperity for short-term gains for themselves and their shareholders.

The ongoing scandalous behavior of America’s largest banking corporations and the inability of government to rein them in demonstrates the influence these corporations have amassed — and why we need to amend the Constitution to end corporate personhood and establish that money is not speech so we can put them back in their place.

With ‘back to school’ upon us, it’s the perfect time to ‘move to amend!’ 

Talking to your friends and neighbors while you gather signatures at work or at school is a great way to take righteous action:

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