Back to School: Relearning What We Thought We Knew

August 25, 2015

It isn’t necessary to detail the inadequacies of our public education system here. The privatization and corporatization of public schools is a well-known phenomenon: shifting the costs onto parents and students, replacing critical thinking skills with tests, and prioritizing math, science and sports, over all else including American history.

Move to Amend provides materials and resources to grow an educated democracy movement. Will you get ten of your friends to sign the Motion to Amend petition?

What’s more frustrating is that many adults are unlearning what little history they once knew, which was in most cases a whitewashed, sanitized version of the actual events of our founding. Certain think tanks and media outlets are rewriting and broadcasting a “new” history -- devoid of fact.

  • The general public views the Constitution as a sacred human rights document when in fact rebellion forced the Bill of Rights into what is otherwise a property rights document containing no affirmative rights at all.
  • Many people think we were founded as a “Christian” nation rather than the secular nation that rose to power.
  • School districts are trying to gloss over the slavery and genocide that is part of our history, as well as the people's movements that put our nation on a better course.

We all can’t quit our jobs and go back to school, but we can take it upon ourselves to continue our American History education. The Move to Amend website contains lots of factual articles and information relating to our founding history and corporate personhood. We have a movement education program and a quarterly social change study group, for our active volunteers. The Zinn Education Project is an excellent resource, as well. 

Help us find more folks with small ‘d’ democratic ideals. Please get ten of your friends to sign the Motion to Amend petition this week.

To pass the We the People Amendment, it’s necessary for us to keep educating ourselves, and for others to learn why we don’t have the democracy we need and deserve -- but that we still have the power to make it happen!

It’s time all Americans go back to school, at least figuratively speaking. Move to Amend stands ready to do our part for real and transformative democracy that serves We the People. Will you make the grade and get ten signatures on the Motion to Amend petition this week?