Barnstorming in Lousville, Kentucky!

March 26, 2018

Challenging Corporate Rule & Creating Democracy


Sunday, April 8  |  9:30 AM

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

4936 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40222

Do you want to see the corrupting influence Big Money out of politics?

Do you feel large corporations wield too much power and influence on policy making at the local, state and federal levels?

Do you believe your own human rights are more important than corporate rights?

So do we!

Join Move to Amend National Program Director Jessica Munger to learn more about how the Supreme Court gave corporations constitutional rights allowing the abuses we see today and what you can do locally to create an inter-generational and multicultural organization to increase people power to fundamentally dismantle corporate power.
Jessica Munger has worked with Move to Amend since 2014. She sits on the Outreach and Engagement, Political Organizing, and Grassroots Movement Committees, and chairs the Arts and Culture and Educators caucuses. Jessica first came to the Democracy Movement through her work in LGBTQ+ activism and organizing. She is impassioned by the work of building a strong and empowered Democracy Movement rooted in equal justice and rights for all.


Members of Thomas Jefferson UU church invite everyone after the program to join them for their weekly service!