Barnstorming -- Move to Amend Mid-Atlantic Tour

July 16, 2013

Move to Amend began barnstorming across the country in the summer of 2012. When David Cobb came to Asheville, NC a contingent from the MTA Western North Carolina affiliate was on hand. David Cobb is INDEED a fiery speaker!  We have submitted a video to MTA which appears now on its scrolling screen of events.  It was great to be with so many other folks in the overflow crowd in the large room that night--people who also are working toward a Twenty-eighth Amendment! New contacts were made.

We have a trove of photos if anyone wants to contact us for them --one posted here shows some of us with Cobb after he spoke. A phrase in David's speech is now printed on the front of our tee shirts: "Educate, Advocate, Tell the Truth." In a state now politically controlled by the "Tea Party" abetted by corporate Main Stream Media, the last line seems most important.