Become An Endorsing Organization

November 28, 2016

Minnesota Move To Amend Endorsing Organizations
As of November 28, 2016

Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers and 7 of their 74 members:
1. Anti-War Committee - 3,371 in database

2. Friends for a NonViolent World (FNVW) - 3,000 on mailing list

3. - 50 members, 350 on mailing list

4. Grandmothers for Peace – Twin Cities - 75 members

5. Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers - over 6,000

6. Twin Cities Peace Campaign - 1,100 on mailing list

7. Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 - 120 members

8. Women Against Military Madness - 1,000 members, 2,200 on mailing list

9. Ecology Democracy Network - 100 members

10. The Climate Crisis Coalition of the Twin Cities (3CTC)

11. Minnesota Pachamama Community - 400 members

12. MN 350 - 7,000 members

13. Organic Consumer Association - 10,000 on mailing list

Faith Communities
14. Macalester Plymouth United Church - 375 members

15. Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth - abt. 200 members

16. Oak Grove Presbyterian Church - abt. 200 members

17. St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church - 244 members

18. MN AFL-CIO - 300,000+ members; 1000+ locals

19. Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation AFL-CIO - 50,000+ members; 100+ locals

Health Care
20. MN Citizens Federation NE

Legal/Human Rights
21. National Lawyers Guild of Minnesota

22. Progpen Consulting, Inc.

23. Green Party of Minnesota - 2,500 members
24. Green Party of Cottage Grove, MN - included above
25. Occupy Saint Paul - 7 members
26. Michael Cavlin US Senate Campaign (abt. 2013) - n/a

If your organization isn’t listed, please hold a discussion about the Move to Amend Movement at your next meeting.   Go to for national information and email minnesota [at] for local information.  The Organization Endorsement form is attached.

Your endorsement will help us “instruct our state and federal representatives to enact resolutions and legislation to advance this effort.”  That effort asks that a US Constitutional amendment be adopted to establish that: 1) Only human beings, not corporations and other legal entities, are persons endowed with constitutional rights, and 2) Money is not speech, and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.

Along with the number of petition signers we are letting Senator John Marty and Representative Raymond Dehn know the number of people behind each organization; therefore it is very important that the form include the number of members or other quantifiable number related to your organization. 

Another important step is for individuals in your organization to sign the petition at

Barbara Gerten, Volunteer
Minnesota Move To Amend State Network
Email address: minnesota [at]