Brett Kava-NO!

August 30, 2018

Well, Trump has done it again… But it is no surprise, is it?

Brett Kavanaugh's record is so incredibly anti-women, anti-consumer, and anti-accountability that if confirmed by the Senate, Trump and his corporate crony friends will have made this Supreme Court one of the most radically undemocratic Courts in this nation's history. 

There are many reasons to be concerned about Kavanaugh, considering his record and his own statements, but this man is Trump's puppet not a fair arbiter of the Constitution. Our fight for democracy just got more real:

  • He believes corporate constitutional rights are valid and concurs with the Hobby Lobby and Citizens United decisions.  
  • Investigating and prosecuting a sitting president would greatly undermine the federal government according to Kavanaugh. In his US, the President and the Supreme Court are apparently above the law.
  • 86% of Americans support Net Neutrality, yet he has consistently sided with cable companies, spelling disaster for Net Neutrality.
  • Privacy will remain a thing of the past, as Kavanaugh supports mass government surveillance, and opposes a woman's right to choose.

Move to Amend vehemently opposes Kavanaugh's nomination. It's time to take action -- the hearings begin next week! 

--> The most important action you can take today is to call your Senators and ensure they know that Kavanaugh’s confirmation would set the United States back to colonial times.

--> Please also email your Senators and tell them that opposition to corporate personhood must be a litmus test for Brett Kavanaugh or any nominee to the Supreme Court. Send them our Questionnaire to use in confirmation hearings.

Please share this email with your email lists and tell everyone you know. Together we can build power and stop Trump’s continued attack on democracy. 


Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director, Move to Amend Coalition

P.S. Also, please consider making a donation to Move to Amend so we can continue this fight. Now, more than ever, we are committed to creating a real democracy in the United States!