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March 15, 2016

DEADLINE:  8 am this Friday (March 18)

Tonight we are beginning phone calls asking constituents to contact their state Senator asking her/him to support SF 2404.

The members of the Judiciary Committee must hear from their constituents before 8 am on Friday, March 18 – this coming Friday.  Use the link to the committee to find contact information.  Those members are –

SD 18 - Scott Newman 
SD 19 - Karen Sheran  
SD 34 - Warren Limmer 
SD 41 - Barb Goodwin 
SD 46 - Ron Latz  
SD 56 - Dan Hall   
SD 59 - Bobby Jo Champion  
SD 60 - Kari Dziedzic

For assistance please find the following pdfs below:  Fact Sheet, Letter and Call Guide, Sample Letters.

Who represents me? - http://www.gis.leg.mn/OpenLayers/districts/

When you have sent the message(s) please report the senate and house districts to minnesota [at] movetoamend.org.

If you are interested in helping with phone calls, let us know at this email address.

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Sample letter to representatives below.  Sample letter to senators attached.

John Doe
1234 My Street
MyCity, Minnesota 55555

March 15, 2016

MN State Representative ________________,
_____ State Office Building
St Paul, MN  55115

RE: SF 2404 companion bill

Dear Representative __________________,

As a constituent of your house district ( and [insert a personal connection to the House Rep. if you have one]), I encourage you to co-author with Representative Raymond Dehn a companion bill to SF 2404.

Democracy of, by and for the people has been impaired by Supreme Court decisions that have granted artificial entities the same rights as people under the U.S. Constitution. We are all effectively weakened when artificial entities possess inalienable constitutional rights to influence public opinion, overturn public laws, buy public officials, and intimidate individuals and local communities.

The "We the People” bill is a resolution requesting the U.S. Congress to propose a constitutional amendment clarifying that the rights protected under the Constitution are the rights of natural persons and not the rights of artificial entities and that spending money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment. 

Please let me know whether or not you plan to support this bill and whether you plan to co-author this bill.


John Doe

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Dear Representative [last name], 

    We know that money is not speech, and corporations are not people.  This is why, as your constituent, I strongly support Minnesota's SF 2404, and I hope you will support a companion bill and even co-author it with Representative Raymond Dehn.  Please let me know your intentions.

[your address]