Fresno Move to Amend

Date Established: 

June 2014

We have been an affiliate of Move to Amend since June of 2014.  Join us as we work to end oppression and establish an inclusive and diverse participatory democracy.  We welcome visitors and new members at all of our meetings and events.

For more information, call Robert and Sylvia Pethoud at 559-438-7705 or email us at fresno [at] 


The California Resistance Calls for an End to Corporate Rule

August 23, 2017

At a contentious California Democratic Party Convention in May that saw ideological conflicts between an entrenched establishment of privileged professionals and an emergent grassroots progressive insurgency, there were two notorious doctrines that delegates across the board nevertheless agreed to come down firmly against: the fiction that "corporations are people" and the related fallacy that "money equals political speech".

Let's Lead the Way for California - SINGLE PAYER NOW!

June 20, 2017

While the U.S. Senate -- in service to their corporate cronies -- is working to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, the California Senate passed a single-payer bill on a 23-14 vote, The bill is now headed to the State Assembly. A new poll shows 70% support for the Medicare-for-All type single-payer system the bill creates.

Please tell your Assembly member that you support The Healthy California Act (SB-562), and ask them to co-sponsor (author) it in the assembly.

Press Coverage

Corporations aren’t people; vote yes on Prop. 59

September 28, 2016

Corporations are not people and money is not speech.

Let's suport Proposition 59 and make California the 17th state to support reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. Proposition 59 makes clear thet corporations are not people, should not have th same constitutional rights as people, and it allows we the people to regulate or limit contributions and spending on campaigns.

Get corporate money out of politics

June 23, 2016

Whatever your No. 1 cause is – gun control, mitigating climate change, immigration reform, income inequality, health care – you should make getting money out of politics your No. 2. Join with the national organization Move to Amend in its mission to build a democracy accountable to the people, rather than to the wealthy special interests.