Call for Candidates for Move to Amend Ohio Coordinating Committee Elections

May 6, 2014

Move to Amend supporters in Ohio agreed at our February 2014 annual gathering to formalize its leadership by holding elections for a Coordinating Committee. The goal is to be internally more democratic, inclusive and accountable as we educate and organize for an external political system that is more democratic, inclusive and accountable.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in serving on a 9 person Coordinating Committee, beginning on August 1, 2014 through the spring of 2016.

The 9 person Coordinating Committee will consist of 5 individuals represented active Move to Amend affiliates or partner groups in Ohio; 2 individuals who will serve at large, and 2 individuals who represent non Move to Amend groups in Ohio (either local or statewide) who support Move to Amend's Mission and Values.

Responsibilities of Coordinating Committee Members

• To participate in monthly conference calls and at least one other committee (Media Statements, Candidate Survey, Outreach). Conference calls will be open to all Move to Amend supporters in Ohio.

• To carry out the internal and external decisions made at the annual Move to Amend Ohio gathering and any others that the Coordinating Committee determines.

• To help prepare a report on their actions for the next two annual MTA Ohio gatherings (2015 and 2016)

• To keep informed of national Move to Amend projects, campaigns and programs

• To ensure that the Move to Amend Ohio web page and Facebook page are maintained.

• To communicate with Move to Amend Ohio supporters via email and Nationbuilder program

• To coordinate the election process, which from spring 2016 on will be annual

Mission of Move to Amend

Formed in September 2009, Move to Amend is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy that is genuinely accountable to the people, not corporate interests.

We are calling for an amendment to the US Constitution to unequivocally state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated in political campaigns.

Move To Amend Statement of Values

Move to Amend is a broad coalition of organizations and individuals, who share common values, working together to end corporate personhood and demand real democracy. We welcome all organizations and individuals who embrace these values to join us:

• Accountability and responsibility, both personally and organizationally

• Transparency

• Community

• Movement building

• Dedication to the Move to Amend Constitutional Amendment, mission, goals and tactics.

Move to Amend Ohio

Below are the agreed to decisions made at the February 2014 annual gathering.

Election Process

If you are interested in being a candidate for a Move to Amend Ohio Coordinating Committee seat, please submit your name, city, why you want to be elected to the Coordinating Committee (maximum of 200 words) and picture (optional) by May 31 2014 to ohio [at] Statements can include leadership qualities, work styles, conflict resolution skills and views/approaches to movement building.

The election will run from June 15 to July 15 and voting will be open to all Move to Amend Ohio online supporters. The Coordinating Committee terms will begin August 1. The first term will last until spring 2016. Subsequent Coordinating Committee terms will be for one year.  

Thank you for your consideration!


MTA Ohio Network 2014 Gathering Decisions


1. A procedure for considering internal structural and external program/project proposals will be established by no later than August 1.

2. In the interim, decisions will be made by whoever participates in calls or meetings when proposals are considered by whatever percentage approval is determined at the time – with consensus as the goal.


1.The creation of a 7-person interim Steering Committee

2.Steering Committee members will be selected at the 2/15 Gathering

3.The Steering Committee will oversee the process of Coordinating Committee elections, to be completed by the end of July, 2014

4.The Coordinating Committee will consist of 6 representatives of active affiliates or partner groups, 3 representatives of supportive statewide or local groups and 2 at large MTA supporters

5.The Coordinating Committee will be chosen through an election of MTA supporters in Ohio, to begin their term August 1 through the end of the 2016 annual MTA Ohio gathering.

6.Subsequent elections will be annual.

7.Any contact person or representative of each affiliate/partner group is eligible to be nominated for one of the 6 affiliate/group slots; any active MTA Ohio supporter is eligible to be nominated for one of the 2 at large slots; any contact person with any group in Ohio is eligible to be nominated for one of the 3 group slots.

8.An email will be sent to all MTA Ohio supporters with a list of all those interested in serving on the Coordinating Committee. Each nominee will have the option of providing a biography and picture.

9.Votes will be submitted to an online sit that at least 3 current MTA Ohio representatives will have access to for tabulation.

10.The Coordinating Committee will meet either in person or via phone at least once per month. The meetings will be publicized and open to all MTA Ohio supporters

11.The Coordinating Committee will carry out the internal and external decisions made at the annual MTA Ohio gathering and any others that the Coordinating Committee determines.

12.The Coordinating Committee will report on their actions at the annual MTA Ohio gathering

13.Coordinating Committee membership by 2017 will reflect the diversity of the state’s population.


Move to Amend Ohio will create a Media Committee that will develop a media strategy, which may include the following:

1.Move to Amend Ohio will develop a statement over the next year to coincide with the following events: - McCutcheon vs FEC US Supreme Court decision - Any other US Supreme Court decision (i.e. Hobby Lobby case, etc.) which expands corporate constitutional rights - Anniversary of Santa Clara vs Southern Pacific Supreme Court decision (May 10) - Independence Day - Declaration of Independence from Corporate Rule (July 4) - Constitution Day (September 17) - Election Day - following votes in Newark, Lakewood, Mentor, Toledo and/or elsewhere (November 4) - Citizens United vs FEC 5th Anniversary (January 21) - Buckley vs Valeo Supreme Court decision Anniversary (January 30)

2. The statements will be sent to the press, MTA Ohio supporters, and MTA Ohio affiliate/partner contacts.

3. The statements will also be posted on the MTA Ohio Facebook page and distributed via social media.


Move to Amend Ohio will establish a Candidate Survey Committee that will develop a strategy that may consist of the following:

1.Two surveys will be developed and sent to political candidates/office holders running for office in 2014 requesting their support for Move to Amend.

2. One survey will be developed for all federal candidates in the 16 congressional districts in Ohio asking their co-sponsorship of the We the People Amendment.

3. The same survey will be sent to both US Senators from Ohio

4. A second survey will be developed for all state candidates running for Ohio House of Representatives (99 seats) and Ohio Senate (a portion of 33 seats) asking for their support of ratification of such an amendment is passed by Congress.

5. The same survey will be sent to all remaining Ohio Senators not up for election in 2014.

6. MTA Ohio will publicize the results of the survey as permitted by law. RURAL, STUDENT AND


1. The Coordinating Committee will decide a strategy for reaching out to rural, student and underserved communbities. This strategy may include:

     a. At least 6 new affiliates will be launched during the next year. Three will be in rural counties.

     b. At least 6 programs on MTA will be made on college/university campuses not currently connected to an existing MTA affiliate or partner group.

2. Existing local affiliates/partner groups will commit to outreach to these constituencies where appropriate in their areas.