Calling All Educators: Important Opportunities This Fall!

August 31, 2017

The school year is just getting started and we’re thinking a lot about teachers. Teachers are a vital part of building the world we want and deserve. Educators give us the facts and narratives that shape our understanding of the world, help us build tools to make our world a better place, and are an important part of creating new institutions. Teachers rock!

That’s why we’re building a Move to Amend Educators Caucus - a community of teachers who care about ending corporate personhood and money as speech. Corporate rule manifests everywhere - from what’s in our textbooks, to the funding our schools get, to our teaching standards. 

We must take a stand against the corporatization of education and we need your help!

If you’re interested in being part of the Move to Amend Educators Caucus,
please let us know here!

And don’t forget about Constitution Day next month! 

Each year, educational institutions which receive federal funding must provide programming about the US Constitution around September 17th, Constitution Day. This provides Move to Amend an opportunity to get into schools and make connections with educators, administrators, and students.

If you’re an educator who cares about the influence of corporations and big money in our government, we have resources to help you present the information to your students! We’ve created sample letters, timelines, teaching materials and exercises, and everything else you need to bring an honest and age appropriate analysis of corporate rule into your classroom or school at Constitution Day!

Learn more and see teaching materials HERE.

Thank you!