Can you spare 30 minutes on election day?

October 30, 2015

Move to Amend is a nationwide movement to save democracy by clearly establishing money is not speech and corporations are not people.

Locally in Cleveland we have been working to put Move to Amend on the Cleveland ballot next year in 2016! We are making progress with over 100 petitions out in the community and need to continue to build the movement!

Do you have 30 minutes to spare on election day?

Are you planning to vote? Election day is next Tuesday, November 3rd. Polling locations throughout Cleveland are great places to get signatures for Move to Amend!

If we all took just 30 minutes to get some signatures we'd be that much closer to getting on the ballot next year. Some suggested polling locations are below. Contac us at cleveland [at] to sign up or to get a petition or handouts.

If you live in Cleveland and plan to vote just take your petition with you and get some signatures. It should be sunny and near 70 outside!


Next Cleveland MTA meeting will be 12/14

Our next meeting will be Monday, December 14th at 5:30pm at MLK Jr Library, 1962 Stokes Boulevard (between Euclid and Chester Ave near University Circle) to discuss MLK Jr day and other upcoming events.

Have a petition but haven't completed it yet?

A great place to get signatures is Dave's Supermarket (3301 Payne Ave near downtown). You can get about 20 signatures/hour! Fill your petition in a couple hours!

Contact Cleveland [at] if you'd like to have someone to petition with!

Petitioning not your thing?

No problem, you can help by making a few phone calls to help get Move to Amend petitions out. Just let us know!

Suggested polling locations:

Ward 3 (Downtown/ Tremont / Ohio City)
Old Stone Church, 91 Public Square, 44113 (3)
Franklin Circle Church 1688 Fulton Rd, 44113 (4)
Tremont Elementary School, 2409 W 10th St, 44113 (2)
Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2592 W 14th St, 444113 (2)

Ward 15 (Detroit Shoreway)
Michael Zone Rec Center, 6301 Lorain Ave, 44102 (3)
Cudell Rec Center, 1910 West Blvd, 44102 (4)
Louisa May Alcott, 10308 Baltic Road, 44102 (5)

Ward 16 (West Park)
Garfield Elementary School, 3800 West 140th St, 44111 (3)
Riverside elementary School, 14601 Montrose Ave, 44111 (2)
Artemus Ward Pre-K School. 4315 W 140th St, 44135 (2)

Ward 6 (Shaker Square)
Harvey Rice School, 2730 E 116th St, 44120

Ward 7 (Asia Town)
Sterling Rec Center 1380 East 32nd St, 44114 (3)

Ward 11 (South West Side)
Second Calvary Church, 12017 Emery Ave, 44135 (2)
Almira K-8 School, 3375 W 99th St, 44111 (3)
Halloran Skating Rink, 11815 Linnet Ave, 44111 (3)

Ward 13 (Old Brooklyn)
St. Thomas More Church, 4180 North Amber Drive, 44144 (3)

Ward 17 (Kamm’s Corner)
Clara E Westropp Middle school, 19101 Puritas Ave, 44135 (3)
Our Lady of Angels Linus Hall, 3600 Rocky River Dr, 44111 (4)

Take care and thanks for your help!
-Cleveland Move to Amend

Contact: cleveland [at]