Candidate Issues Forum in 2012 Election

October 15, 2012

Occupy WNC and The Canary Coalition, the organizations that comprise Western North Carolina's MTA affiliate, were among the sponsoring hosts at this highly successful election forum. The other sponsors, Macon County League of Women Voters and The Smoky Mountain News, added their strong community reputations to the October 15, 2012 pre-election event. All candidates for seats in US Congressional District 11, NC Senate District 50, NC House District 119, and in Jackson County Commission - District 4 were invited. 

All four sponsors were represented on the event panel with the chance to ask their own question of every candidate. Allen Lomax, panelist for Occupy WNC, asked: "Do you believe corporations should have inherent Constitutional rights and that money is free speech under the Constitution and if so; what would you do—as US Congressional Representative, or North Carolina General Assembly Senator or House Representative, or County Commissioner—to further your position?"

The Non-partisan forum was an opportunity, not only to have the candidates respond publicly, but to educate the audience of 200 re the Movement to Amend the US Constitution. Here is The Canary Coalition's video of the event:

Smoky Mountain News' Andrew Kasper wrote:




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