A Case for Move to Amend...and Much More!

August 8, 2013

When we opened the our email this week we received one from POCLAD (the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy) and we were so happy that we had to share it with you.

It contained an article A Case for Move to Amend… and Much More, which clearly articulates why Move to Amend's We the People Amendment is the best proposal to overturn the doctrines of corporate Constitutional rights and money as free speech:

    "But the smartest amendment proposed is the one prepared by a coalition of people’s organizations, Move to Amend. It wins for a simple reason: it covers the most territory."

The article goes beyond a comparison, though. It reveals our grassroots organizing strategy as a significant method to rally people to our cause.

    "Taking Move to Amend’s mission into our communities, workplaces and organizations can provide real opportunities to work with others committed to dismantling enslaving institutions and undemocratic doctrines… not just 'work' with them intellectually towards dry, political ideals, but build real relationships, learn together and discover how to combine our respective skills and power to win the kind of world we truly deserve."

Most importantly, the article points to the biggest difference between Move to Amend and other organizations: We are building a democracy movement so that we may finally realize a government by, for, and of the people, rather than just building support for Congressional action to undo Citizens United.

    "As we join the work of Move to Amend with open, participatory engagement in our localities and regions we just might inspire the bold transformative change necessary to rescue our dimming prospects and replace the structural systems that have lost all legitimacy."

POCLAD is an founding organization of the Move to Amend coalition and we rely their research and analysis in our educational efforts. POCLAD (and many of Move to Amend's other founding organizations) have been at this work for decades, long before the Supreme Court's latest disaster of a decision with Citizens United.

But it is a rare occurrence when a ringing endorsement drops into our inbox out of the blue, even from our coalition members.

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Richard Grossman portrait by Rob Shetterly.