Celebrating the life of César Chávez by organizing to build a movement

March 31, 2016

Today, March 31st is César Chávez Day, a holiday observed in ten states. The holiday memorializes the life and work of this Mexican-American farmworker, who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association in 1962, which later became the United Farm Workers union. He’s credited with coining the phrase "Sí, se puede!" (Yes, we can!) And so much more…

His persistent and nonviolent advocacy made way for significant improvements in the farmworker community, drew national attention, and forever changed how Americans think about the sources of our food. Through the clever use of the boycott, protest marches, and hunger strikes, Chávez introduced solidarity organizing across different issues and communities, similar to the model Move to Amend implements today.

And had the tool been available to him, we’re pretty sure César Chávez would have used an online petition to help him identify like-minded people and spread the grape boycott message.

Be like César Chávez and help us grow our democracy movement to pass the We the People Amendment! In memory of the great organizer César Chávez, will you collect ten signatures on the Motion to Amend Petition in the next ten days? Get started here.

The ten states observing César Chávez Day are Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin, a very odd assortment of states, indeed. Yet every one of these states made a formal declaration of their appreciation for the contribution Cesar Chavez made to American society. And millions of organizers the world-over are familiar with Chavez, and practice the tactics and strategies he used to overcome injustice.

It would be a wonderful thing to see a federal holiday, but the best tribute is to practice what Chávez preached — organize!

At Move to Amend our organizing begins with the Motion to Amend petition. Click here to find everything you need to get started.

Whether or not your state recognizes César Chávez Day, today is an opportunity to recognize the contribution of the great labor leader and activist, whose life’s work positively impacted not only his own community but the entirety of American culture. César Chávez, we salute you!