August 9, 2017

CKMTA history and how You can Contribute

Although CKMTA initiates activities, there are many things you can do on your own. Write to your state representatives asking them to pledge support, table at local neighborhood organizations, or take flyers to meetings you attend, print out the petition forms and gather signatures to be given to CKMTA board members.  Corruption is rampant. Let’s get money out of politics and take personhood away from Corporations.

2011 Established - the first meeting held at Lexington Public Library.

January -Demonstrated at the Federal Courthouse to commemorate the second anniversary of Citizens United
December - Adopted governing document

February - marched in I Love Mountains Day
May -  showed “The Corporation”
August - hosted David Cobb, Move to Amend organizer, at UK
Fall - conducted Listening Campaign
November - showed “Legalize Democracy” at a house party

August   David Cobb Unitarian Universalist Church   
Showed Citizen Koch at Woodhill Theater in conjunction with
November Jeff Clements, the author of “Corporations Are Not People”  
      Music by Everything’s Eventual/Food from Athenian Grille

Signed Memorandum of Understanding with MTA setting out requirements for affiliation.
May,-  Showed Shadows of Liberty at the Farish Theater
May  Chair began presentations to groups using timeline of corporate personhood. The Women’s Network for democratic principles, and OLLI

January  hosted seminar on Trans-Pacific Partnership at Lexington Library

Introduced Central Kentucky Move to Amend at the Woodford County Democratic Party    Executive Committee Meeting  March 20, 2017

March 20, Introduced Central Kentucky Move to Amend at the Chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Introduced Central Kentucky Move to Amend at at Young Democrats Club

Speech by James Kay against Kentucky’s bill to raise limits on Campaign  Contributions.

Have also: tabled at
KEA Convention     Millville Hillbilly Daze         Lexington’s Peace Festival
Coffee houses        Peace & Justice Dinners  and others.