Cleveland “Democracy Day” Public Hearing

April 20, 2017

Monday, May 8, 5:00 pm
Cleveland City Hall, 2nd Floor Conference Room
601 Lakeside Avenue, East

Think there’s too much money in politics?
Does it seem that corporations have too much power in our community, state and nation?

In 2016, more than 9000 signatures were collected on a grassroots citizens initiative petition calling on Cleveland City Council to urge Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment stating that corporations do not have constitutional rights and money is not “free speech.” The initiative also called for City Council to sponsor an every-other-year public hearing to examine the impact on our neighborhoods, city, state and nation of political influence by corporate entities and big money. City Council passed an ordinance containing these provisions last December.

Cleveland City Council will sponsor its first “Democracy Day” public hearing on May 8 at 5 pm at Cleveland City Hall. The public is invited to attend and provide testimony for up to five minutes per person.

Whether you wish to speak or just to listen, please plan to attend.

It’s your democracy!

Cleveland Move to Amend

More information, contact Lois Romanoff loisromanoff [at] or
Christopher Stocking christopher.stocking [at]