Cleveland MTA November Events & Update

November 10, 2015
Move to Amend is a nationwide movement to save democracy by clearly establishing money is not speech and corporations are not people.

Locally in Cleveland we have been working to put Move to Amend on the Cleveland ballot next year in 2016! We are making progress with over 130 petitions out in the community and need to continue to build the movement!

We got over 800 signatures on on election day!

Thanks to all Cleveland Move to Amend petitioners for getting over 800 signatures last Tuesday! Some people spent the whole day, some were able to spend a few hours. No matter how much time you spent, thank you for your help! We also met some new petitioners- welcome to Cleveland MTA!

Next Cleveland MTA meeting will be 12/14

Our next meeting will be Monday, December 14th at 5:30pm at MLK Jr Library, 1962 Stokes Boulevard (between Euclid and Chester Ave near University Circle) to discuss MLK Jr day and other upcoming events. 

Have a petition but haven't completed it yet?
A great place to get signatures is Dave's Supermarket (3301 Payne Ave near downtown). You can get about 20 signatures/hour! Fill your petition in a couple hours!

Contact Cleveland [at] if you'd like to have someone to petition with!

Petitioning not your thing?
No problem, you can help by making a few phone calls to help get Move to Amend petitions out. Just let us know!


Two Important events coming up to attend, can you petition for MTA?

1. The Million Student March ( are high school, college, and graduate students, recent graduates, campus workers, former students, parents, and grandparents uniting in a day of action on November 12, 2015 to demand tuition-free public college, cancellation of all student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers.

Locally, the march will be taking place at CSU (Fenn Tower, 2401 Euclid Ave) at 11:30 am.
Can you help MTA get signatures and make allies on Thursday? Let us know!

For more information on the March check out:


2. Angela Y. Davis will be speaking in Church of the Covenant (11205 Euclid Ave, near CWRU) this Friday, November 13th at 6pm.
Can you help MTA get signatures and make allies with social justice advocates on Friday? Let us know!

For for more on Angela Davis and ThinkTank 2015 check out:


Take care and thanks for your help!
-Cleveland Move to Amend

Contact: cleveland [at]