Clinton to Overturn Citizens United? Don't Count on It, But Be Prepared!

July 21, 2016

Netroots Nation shook last week after Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Don’t get too excited; Obama did virtually the same thing in August 2012 during his re-election campaign. Campaign promises are made to be broken. And considering that Wall Street helps fund Clinton’s presidential campaign, she’s not too likely to pursue the necessary reforms—elected or not.

But if she gets elected and does take action, it won't be enough because Clinton has not pledged to address the real underlying problem: corporations with constitutional rights. Truth be told, that’s what we can expect from most elected officials… except those who have taken the Pledge to Amend.

Become an agent for the passage of the We the People Amendment! Join the Pledge to Amend campaign and get your candidates and elected officials to pledge their support.

It was in 1886, not 2010, when corporations got their first constitutional right, and a very important one indeed. They were first recognized as people under the 14th Amendment in the Southern Pacific Railroad v. Santa Clara County case. Corporations have been accumulating human rights ever since, acquiring rights under the 4th and 5th Amendments long before the Court granted freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment.

Citizens United didn't break our campaign finance system; it merely opened the floodgates of money already polluting the broken system. Overturning it won’t fix the root of the problem, and it certainly won’t fix our broken democracy. Corporate rule flourished under our former campaign finance system, and will continue to do so until we make clear corporations are not people with constitutional rights.

Help build support for the We the People Amendment! Join the Pledge to Amend campaign and get your candidates and elected officials to pledge to amend.

The best way to counter whatever watered-down amendment a possible Clinton administration might come up with is to build support for the We the People Amendment among current and potential elected officials. And it also serves our ten-year strategy whether our amendment advances through Congress or in an Article V convention.

After all of our hard work, it’s pretty scary to think that an amendment that only does half the job (or less) of fulfilling the promise of American democracy could gain traction. That’s why the Pledge to Amend campaign is so important. Our goal this year is to acquire 165 more pledges from elected officials. So far we have 69 pledges. Help us get all the way there.

Please join the Pledge to Amend Campaign and make the We the People Amendment the 28th amendment to the US Constitution, not some other weak half-measure that merely turns back the clock to 2009.

Get in the mood, and get all the details on our upcoming We The People Lobby Week this August by joining our conference call next Tuesday, July 26! RSVP here.

If you are able to secure in writing a pledge to support the We the People Amendment from Hillary Clinton, we’ll be sure to let everybody know!