Coming Together to Create REAL Democracy in our Nation and Communities

March 22, 2017

Wednesday, March 22 / 7:00 pm
Beachwood Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library
25501 Shaker Boulevard / Beachwood, Ohio  44122
Presentation, discussion and action planning

While the nation is increasingly divided on many issues and concerns, individuals of all backgrounds believe their voices and interests over many years have not been heard and met by elected officials. There is an increasing feeling that the super rich and corporate entities through campaign contributions and lobbying have their needs met at the expense of everyone else. The disconnection between what a majority of people want in their lives, communities and nation and the policies and laws that we have seems to be widening.

Our elected officials of all parties work for us. They must be held accountable. It’s up to us to educate, advocate and organize for solutions that will improve our lives, communities, nation — and democracy.

Hear a brief presentation about the national and Ohio Move to Amend movements that are educating and organizing to assert that:
• The constitutional rights of people are greater than those of money in elections
• Only human beings (not corporate entities) possess inalienable constitutional rights

Discuss what can be done in Beachwood to add to the growing democracy movement for justice, peace and sustainability.

Join us!

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