A Community Extension Clas: GRASSROOTS SOLUTIONS & CORPORATE POWER. Mendocino College---Ukiah Campus

August 22, 2015

This class links to, supports, and is supported by the work of Paul Cienfuegos, Jim Hightow- er, The Alliance for Democracy, Move to Amend, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Democracy School, Global Exchange, and the many other people, programs, and institutions work- ing to counter the anti-democratic corporate forces at work in our economy and government.

With four thematic segments:
• Corporations, Democracy, & Grassroots Popular Power — September 9, 16, 23 & 30
• Economic Democracy or Monopoly Capitalism — October 7, 14, & 21
• Saving the Environment from Corporate Destruction — October 28, November 4 & 11 • Who or What will Rule the World? — November 18, December 2, 9 &16

Participants can join any or all of the four segments. An open mind is the only prerequisite. There is a $25 fee for this course. Justice Rising: Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Rule, published by the Alliance for Democracy, will be the basis of the resource material and can be downloaded online.
To sign up, or if you have questions, call or write Jim at 964-1323 (rtp [at] mcn.org) or Marga- ret at 459-5970 (mkoster [at] pacific.net) and register for the class by calling Patti Gulyas at Mendo- cino College, 707-468-3236 or go to www.mendocino.edu/workshop-registration

Mendocino College Ukiah      Campus Room 740    Wednesdays 6:00 to 8:00 PM, 9/9/15 to12/16/15


Jim Tarbell---Author and Editor of Justice Rising,

Margaret Koster---Organizer/Activist