Congressman Rick Nolan is with Move To Amend. Are you?

December 28, 2017
Rick Nolan

Trickle down economics doesn't work.

The rich are getting richer in degrees unparalleled in this country, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is getting crushed.

As disheartening and unjust as this is, I have hope that We the People can bring forth the democracy that we deserve. However, this can only be done if we stand together and fight for justice.

As the lead sponsor of Move to Amend's We the People Amendment, I am fully invested and wholly committed to eradicating corporate personhood and Big Money in politics.

Move to Amend has been working tirelessly to abolish corporate influence in our government. Their hard work has educated hundreds of thousands of people across the nation on the issue of Corporate Personhood. Their efforts have fostered a genuine, grassroots politically transformative movement that will topple the establishment of corporate rule. Supporting Move to Amend now is more important than ever. 

The We the People amendment is the only amendment that addresses both corporate personhood and big money in politics. It is the only amendment that will save our nation.

The citizens of this country should not be devalued because of their socioeconomic status. I work every day to abolish these injustices and will continue to do so until justice is achieved for all.

Please join me in the fight for a true democracy that puts We the People before the greedy corporate tycoons on Wall Street.

Please join me in donating to Move to Amend's year end campaign.

Yours for democracy,

Congressman Rick Nolan (MN-8)
We the People Amendment Lead Sponsor 

P.S. Move to Amend is in a race against the clock! They need to raise $84,936 before midnight on December 31. Please make a donation to help them meet their goal and continue this vital work in 2018. To those who have already contributed, THANK YOU! Please consider making another donation if you are able.