Constitution Day Timeline Presentation, 9/17/16, 2 PM

September 17, 2016

(HONESDALE, PA) Saturday, September 17, is Constitution Day - the anniversary of the final signing of the United States Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787. A group of local citizens plans to mark the day with a presentation reviewing the development of our Constitutional rights over the course of American history. 

The one-hour presentation, which will begin at 2 PM, will be sponsored by Wayne Citizens to Reclaim Democracy (, the local affiliate of the national group Move to Amend. It consists of a series of timelines, showing how definitions of who was considered a "citizen" or even a "person" have changed, as well as who had what kinds of rights.

"When the Constitution was first ratified, its protections didn't apply to everyone," said Kathy Dodge, a founder of the group. "For instance, only white men who owned property could vote."

"It took a long time, and a great deal of work, struggle, and sacrifice to get where we are now," said Skip Mendler, another member. "And the work isn't done yet."

Attendees are invited to bring a chair or blanket to sit on. Pocket copies of the Constitution will be available.