Contact Legislators NOW to Demand Action!

February 14, 2019

Move to Amend Supporters Contact Alaska Legislators NOW!!


This session of the Alaska State Legislature is underway, and we want to impress on key legislators the need for our state to get onboard with the national movement to amend the constitution to end corporate personhood and money as protected “free speech”. 

Will you take a moment to contact some key legislators and urge them to support this effort?  Ours is a grassroots effort, and legislators need to hear from the people!  You can use the wording below, just cut and paste and email to the list provided.  Your legislator, even if not on the list, needs to hear from you as well.


Record amounts of special interest money were spent to influence Alaska’s 2018 election. As an Alaskan, I see this as an affront to our sovereign right to conduct our elections free of undue influence. Recent rulings of the US Supreme Court make this flood of money legal.

We need to join the national movement to overturn these misguided decisions.  I urge you to work on legislation this session calling for the end of constitutional rights for artificial persons (corporations, unions and others) and an end to the protection of spending of unlimited amounts of money on elections.  Our state should have the right to pass campaign finance laws, to reduce the corrupting effects of large amounts of money.


You may of course use your own words, and we encourage it!  Here is the list, be sure to send your emails out individually, no group messages.  You may find the email for your own representatives on the state website at and


Click Bishop:  Senator.Click.Bishop [at]

Mia Costello: Senator.Mia.Costello [at]

Coghill: Senator.John.Coghill [at]



Laddie Shaw: Representative.Laddie.Shaw [at]

Dave Talerico: Representative.Dave.Talerico [at]


THANKS, and stay tuned for MORE, including the upcoming state tour of Move to Amend and allies!!  Questions? Contact us at anchorage [at]