Corvallis Continues Work on the People's Amendment

Corvallis Move to Amend Affiliate Freeway Banners
January 25, 2015

Our Move to Amend affiliate here in Oregon's mid-Willamette Valley has kept a low profile over the past several months. But we still have a core group who has been working quietly on two paths to call for the 28th US constitutional amendment--one that says both that money is not speech and that corporations are not people.

First, we are working with other Oregon MTA affiliates on a possible 2016 ballot initiative giving the people of Oregon a voice in calling for a 28th amendment. This effort has been slowed a bit while the legal folks negotiate applicability of some rules governing ballot initiatives. We are working with the Secretary of State's office to resolve those issues. Please stay tuned.

Second, we are also working with Oregon state legislators, other Oregon MTA affiliates and non-MTA allies to pass legislation in the 2015 Oregon legislative session in which the Oregon legislature would call for an "Article V Convention" for the purpose of passing the 28th amendment. You can keep up with the status of this bill (HJM4) at this link. And we will post updates via our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and by email when hearings and lobby days are scheduled.

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Most importantly, if you haven't already signed the pledge to amend, join the movement here.

We cannot get there without you!



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