Dayton Miami Valley AFL-CIO Regional Labor Council

The Dayton Miami Valley American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations Regional Labor Council serves 295,207 AFL-CIO and Working America union members.  We are the second-largest central body in Ohio and represent members in 12 county region.  We are the tenth largest labor body in the United States.  Our primary function is to serve as the political voice and arm of the 69 local unions affiliated with this council.  We do so by keeping affiliated updated of ongoing labor disputes, boycotts and political positions of the national and state federations.  We interview and screen candidates for local public office throughout our region, and make affiliates aware of elected officials or candidates with the positions adverse to working men and women.  We also assist, promote and act on behalf of any worker or group of workers whose needs come within the scope of our activities.

Dayton , OH
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