Put the Presidential Candidates on Record

September 27, 2012

The Presidential debates are coming up soon - the first one is Wednesday, October 3rd.

Please sign our petition to debate moderators PBS NewsHour host Jim Lehrer, ABC News chief foreign correspondent Martha Raddatz, and CBS Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer requesting they ask a simple straight forward question:

Do you believe corporations should have Constitutional rights, and that campaign spending is exercising free speech under the Constitution? What would you do as President to further your position?

The answers will show Americans whether the candidates actually believe in small “d” democracy where the people have voice, or prefer the current system of legalized bribery by wealthy individuals and their corporations. Every voter has the right to know where the candidates stand.

Please add your name and pass the petition on through your networks, today -- the first debate is Wednesday, October 3, so time is short!

For our purposes, it’s not enough to elect a president and vice president who support our position, though.  We hope you’ll go on to bird-dog all the candidates who will appear on your ballot, from city and county councils races to the state legislature and Congress -- ask them what their position is on corporate constitutional rights and money as free speech, and if they support the Move to Amend amendment.

And while you're at it, remember that Romney and Obama aren't the only candidates in the race, even though they're the only two being allowed in the debates organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates -- a private corporation that controls who the American people get to hear.

When deciding who to vote for, please consider carefully which candidate is most willing to champion our amendment and use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to put We the People in power, not corporations!

Move to Amend is not abandoning our outside-the-DC-beltway, grassroots organizing model. It will be far easier for us to pass resolutions and ballot initiatives when elected representatives agree with our proposed amendment language to begin with.

Let's get them on record!