Democracy can still happen!

August 9, 2018

Corporations and some extremely wealthy individuals have taken our government and economic institutions captive. Basic political, economic and human rights are in decline, along with the rule of the law for the ruling class.  

Real democracy -- with political equality where the people hold the supreme power -- has never really existed in these United States, and even less so now. The American imperative to protect property over people has led us to a uniquely American fascist moment.

We deserve the democracy we were promised. 
 Let's make it happen! Join the Pledge to Amend campaign!

Click the link for the campaign resources and watch our tutorial on how to get started.

WE are We the People. Together, we will win!

P.S. Pledge to Amend is one of our most important campaigns to gain support for the We the People Amendment from candidates seeking public office. Garrett, we need you targeting the candidates running to represent you -- at all levels! 

P.P.S. Can't get involved in this way right now? Please pitch in $5 (or more!) to support those who are involved in Pledge to Amend on your behalf.